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Geekery: The Most Adorable & Cozy Predator Ever

Oct 6 2018


This kiddo skipped over the more common choices – super heroes, ghosts, or dinosaurs were not right for him. Instead he asked his mom, who runs a crochet blog, to make him a predator costume. The result is fantastic and really fun.

Every Halloween Stephanie Pokorny makes her kiddos’ choice of costume using various methods of crochet. They’re all done freehand, and most are one of a kind. The face of the character is done on the top of the head like a hoody, so all they kids have to do tilt their head down to transform.

She makes some really awesome stuff with yarn, she writes about it on her blog called Crochetverse. You can check out the other costumes she’s made over the years here.


Here it is in motion…



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