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40K: Meet The Explorers Of Blackstone Fortress

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Nov 7 2018

Games Workshop is taking a much closer look at the Explorers who you can play as in the new Warhammer Quest: Blackstone Fortress game – let’s meet the crew!

Blackstone Fortress is coming soon from Games Workshop and they are showcasing all the heroes you’ll get to play as in the new game. Players will choose to play as a team of four of these explorers as they enter the Blackstone Fortress. Each character is unique and has their own motivations for joining this expedition. Today we’re going to get a close look at each one.

via Warhammer Community

Every game of Blackstone Fortress involves choosing four explorers – so one each for four players, two each for two, and all four for one player in solo play.


Janus Draik, Rogue Trader

Rogue Traders are pioneers who are tasked with exploration and expansion of the Imperial boarders. They are great leeway to trade and interact with aliens among the stars. janus Draik comes from a long line of explorers and look to bring more archeotech and artefacts back into the control of the Imperium.



Janus is great for new players. He has a solid stat line and is great for mid-to-short range fights. He’s handy for any expedition and if you’re just getting started you can’t go wrong by choosing Janus for your explorer.

Espern Locarno, Imperial Navigator

Holy crap, we have an Imperial Navigator model! Espern Locarno is a member of the one of the Navigator Houses and seeks to search the Blackstone Fortress for it’s ancient technologies. A sanctioned mutant, Espern is hoping to rediscover cargos that will help to illuminate the process of warp travel.


Espern is a character that excels at supporting other explorers while still a respectable combatant. He’s also the crews Psyker who can use his psychic powers to manipulate his opponents or shield his allies. If you want a character that has some nasty tricks up their robe, then check out Espern Locarno!

Thaddeus the Purifier, Ministorum Priest

Following a Holy Vision, Taddeus has come to the Blackstone Fortress to bring the Imperial Cult to Precipice. He wants to purge the any taint that has befallen the fortress and is perfectly fine with a liberal use of Promethium in the process – that’s probably what cause the vision in the first place…



Thaddeus is a support character and has a wide range of skills including a valuable healing ability. But don’t think he’s a slouch in combat – as a Ministorum Priest he can lead from the front as well. If you want a character that can get stuck in with the front-line fighters then Taddeus is your man!

Pious Vorne, Missionary Zealot

Pious Vorne used to be a hive ganger. But after her conversion she fights along side Taddeus the Purifier. It helps that part of her faith does involve the use of holy promethium to burn heretics.


Trogdor Vorne plays much as you would expect anyone wielding a chainsaw and flamethrower. She’s a little on the fragile side but Vorne hits harder that anyone else on the roster. If you like a Glass Cannon style, then Vorne is perfect for you!

Amallyn Shadowguide, Asuryani Ranger

Originally from the now shattered Craftworld Biel-Tan, Amallyn Shadowguide is searching the Blackstone Fortress for ways to save her dying home. The ancient technology and lost secrets may have some clues on how to restore her people.



A long range killer, Amallyn also packs a punch in close combat. She works best at extreme ranges so keep her far back or get up close and person with this deadly Aeldari!

Dahyak Grekh, Kroot Tracker

Make no mistake, Dahyak Grekh is a Kroot Merc – but at least he follows the Kroot Merc code. If you’ve hired him, you can at least count on his loyalty for as long as his deal runs. Dahyak is interested in heading into the Blackstone Fortress in search of more genetic material to consume. He could be key for unlocking the mysteries held within.


Grekh is a pretty versatile fighter and he’s got the ability to generate more inspiration points than any other explorer. Those inspiration points will be useful for getting re-rolls or finding treasures. If you’re looking to run an explorer who tends to land on the “lucky” side then Grekh is your pick!

UR-025, Imperial Robot

UR-025 is an Imperial Robot in the service of a Magos. But this robot has some mysteries within. Remember, the Imperium has outlawed AI which is why much of their technology has a human element (a la servitors). Is this Robot sentient? And if that is the case – what is it doing with the crew?


Sentient or not, this Robot is a walking TANK! UR-025 is the most durable explorer and quite possibly the most damaging as well. On the flip side, he’s slow – but if you’re not looking for speed UR-025 can march along and take the hits and dish them right back. Pair him with some of the more fragile survivors and you should good to go!

Rien & Raus, Ratling Twins


The Ratling Twins Rein & Raus come as a packaged deal – if you chose to play them as your explorer you get to use BOTH! They clearly have some Astra Militarum training and gear but are now just a pair of guns for hire.


The twins operate separately from each other but can fight as a pair. This opens up some unique opportunities and synergies as Rein tracks their targets and Raus takes them out from range. They are probably the trickiest pair to play but they are considered the most rewarding when you get them to work right.


That’s all for now – which explorer are you most interested in playing when you charge into the Blackstone Fortress?

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