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40K: Something Big Is Coming To Vigilus

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Nov 4 2018

GW has a mysterious new teaser showing just how bad things are getting on Vigilus. Reinfircements are coming, for better or worse.

As part of the Blood and Glory seminar, GW released a teaser video from a beleagured sub-sector commander, requesting reinforcements for a besieged world…

And, according to GW’s announcement post, it’s getting to be high time for the Imperium to strike back. But, as the saying goes, sometimes the exterminatus is worse than the disease.

Especially for a world that’s got no clear fronts. Vigilus is a world rotten from without and within. The Pauper Princes have an uprising that the Space Wolves are mostly dealing with, the Orks have their Speedwaaagh in the wastes, and the Aeldari are there to kill arrogant mon-keigh.

But whatever is coming seems to be about the Imperium’s retribution:

Over the past few months, we’ve heard all sorts of news from Vigilus – a war-torn world on the frontier of the Imperium beset by invaders from… well, pretty much everywhere. Now, it’s time for the Imperium to strike back…

Vigilus calls for aid, but who will answer? Something tells us things might get worse before they get better for this beleaguered sentinel world.


Now we’ll doubtless see Vigilus feature more in the Genestealer Codex, which is rumored to be out “soon” but this feels like something else. Especially since Blackstone Fortress is coming out this month and that sort of signifies an increase in the Imperium’s firepower. Assuming your heroes can claim it.

There’s been a narrative throughline that steadily pushes the setting forward towards a massive conflagration around the galaxy, but with Vigilus swimming into focus it looks like whatever is the next chapter for 40K, the story will be centered on this lonely world at the helm of the Nachmund gauntlet.

But what we want to know is,  what does this mean, releasewise. Is this another Battle Box like Tooth and Claw or Wake the Dead? Does the Imperium “striking back” mean something like the Custodes, or the Knights? We’re thinking a model- heavy release, whatever it is–GW has been steadily been pushing out newer, more amazing models. So let’s knuckle down and see what the Watchworld brings.

What do you think is coming to Vigilus?


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