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BREAKING: House Delaque Joins Necromunda & Nightvault Adds Godsworn Hunt

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Nov 2 2018
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It’s the studio preview that keeps on giving! Check out these fantastic new minis and books for GW’s skirmish games.

The team working on Necromunda may have outdone themselves with the last gang: Delaque.

The re-designed models are multiplepart plastic, and come in a kit that has a lot to offer. You can build each menacing looking ganger with a variety of weapon options. They have a look that reminds me of the The Strangers in Alex Proyas’ Dark City with their long, heavy coats and bald heads. This re-birth of House Delaque is really well done.


In addition to the new models Necromunda fans are getting two new books that compile the information in Gang Wars into a pair of organized guides to the game and the gangs that have been released. It’s an all in one, easy reference that’s a good inventment for both veteran and new players.

The Necromunda Rulebook is your essential guide to the game itself, combining the rules found in the Necromunda: Underhive boxed set with a host of content from Gang War and updated with the latest feedback from the FAQs and Errata. Meanwhile, the Gangs of Necromunda supplement contains rules for all six of the House Gangs, plus Hangers-on, Brutes, the trading post and more.

These books are your one-stop shop for rules and are perfect for both veteran fans looking for an easy reference for their battles and juves looking to take their first steps in the underhive. If you’re looking to get started, Necromunda: Underhive is still a great way to do so, but now, you’ve got the option of kicking off your first campaign with one of the other gangs who’ve joined the fray, like House Orlock or Cawdor.



While we are the topic of skimish games – Godsworn Hunt was also revealed at the event. The Darkoath expansion adds a new take on the the marauding tribes that align themselves with the Slaves to Darkness. This means new cards and strategies for Warhammer Underworlds players to excel at. It also means players can add new Chaos warriors for Age of Sigmar games with a free warscroll.


Author: Mars Garrett
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