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Go Beyond Plus Ultra With The New ‘My Hero Academia’ Card Game!

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Nov 12 2018

Enter the world of My Hero Academia where ANYONE can be a superhero with the proper training and the right superhero agency.

My Hero Academia: The Card Game is a competitive card collecting game with unique player abilities. Each player takes the role of a hero agency recruiter looking to become the most popular superhero agency by completing the best and most exciting missions.

During setup, 20 Student cards are arranged in a grid. Each player places their Recruiter at one of the rows of students and is dealt 3 Mission cards and 3 Action cards.

During each turn, the active player draws an Action card and can play 1 if they choose to. Then, they are allowed to move their Recruiter to 1 adjacent row. This is an important choice since you can only recruit students from your recruiter’s row of students.

The Students recruited will be used to complete Missions cards. After recruiting a new student, the Recruiter can attempt to complete 1 Mission and draw another Mission. To complete a mission, the recruiter discards any number of students so the sum of Strength (red), Speed (green)  and Intelligence (blue) is each equal to or greater than the requirement listed on the mission card.


Each round ends after there are no more Students available to the recruited. After the 2nd round ends, the game ends each player counts up the amount of Popularity they earned through completing missions. Whichever player has the most Popularity wins the game!

My Hero Academia is a simple to learn and fast playing game, but with 60 Student cards, 60 Action card, 40 Missions and 5 Recruiter, there is plenty of replayability and different strategies and tactics to try with each new game.

From Shinobi 7

My Hero Academia: The Card Game$24.99 – Available November 21

“Welcome, Students, to the most important training in your life, where you will learn how to be true super heroes!” – All Might

​In My Hero Academia: The Card Game, you must recruit super-powered Students to your Hero Agency. Select Students with the best combinations of Quirks, (super-powered abilities) to complete challenging Missions and become the mightiest Agency around!


  • 60 Student Cards
  • 60 Action Cards
  • 40 Mission Cards
  • 10 Recruiter Cards
  • 4 Turn Order Cards
  • 1 Rulebook
  • 2 – 4 Players
  • 40 Minutes
  • Ages 8+

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