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Orc Bits Roundup: Sound Da Kannons! Three Gun Salute!

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Nov 1 2018

Kromlech has three new pieces of field artillery, each one ready to deliver explosive ordnance in the rough general direction of your enemies. Most of the time.

Kromlech is back with not one, not two, but three different Orc Cannons (complete with goblin crew) for you to add to your favorite sci-fi (or I guess fantasy, in some cases) 28mm heroic scale boyz. They come with interchangeable parts, so you can even try and design your own cannon, though who knows how often your design might backfire…

via Kromlech

Orc Field Cannon with Crew 1 – $24.35

This set contains one multi part high quality resin Orc Field Cannon with two goblin crewmen.

Two Round 25mm Slotta Bases included.
Designed for 28mm heroic scale tabletop wargames.

Please note that parts from this cannon and the other two can be used interchangeably to build your own version of Orc Field Cannon.


Orc Field Cannon with Crew 2 – $24.35


Orc Field Cannon with Crew 1 – $24.35

But wait–there’s more. Because of course there is. It’s the Orcs. Excess is basically engraved into their DNA. And so in honor of this spirit, here’s MaxMini with enough loot to satisfy an entire detachment of Death Skulls.

via MaxMini

Orc Loot Markers – $10.46

More ammo! More fuel! More DAKKA!!!
Orcs just love to put their hands on stuff that not exactly belongs to them. Some greenskin clans specialize in that sort of activities, and even turn it into some sort of twisted and bizarre form of art.

What is loot? Well… it’s pretty much anything a greedy orc can put his hands on and appropriate for himself. Ammo, fuel, guns, bombs, engines, tanks, vehicles, warmachines etc. Once an orc “acquires” some new and shiny thingies, he usually takes them to be rebuilt into something better suited to an orc…

This kit contains 3 orc loot markers cast in high quality resin.


What do you think of these new bits? Sound off in the comments!

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