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Star Wars: X-Wing – January Points Update Now Live

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Jan 29 2019

Fantasy Flight Games has released the January Points update for Star Wars: X-Wing – time to check your squadrons and see what’s new and improved!

Points Updates for Star Wars: X-Wing has been a thing that FFG has been touting since second edition launched. The move to a digital squad building app was a big deal because it allowed for easier updates to the points costs for all ships and upgrade cards. Now we’re getting to see the first major batch of points adjustments in the game from FFG.

via Fantasy Flight Games

Welcome to the game’s first points cost update! We will be publishing these updates biannually, in January and July, each time attempting to restore equilibrium to the game’s ever-changing collection of ships, pilots, and upgrades. Because the game is so new, this first one is a doozy. There are too many tweaks to touch on each of them fully, so we’ll just say a few words about the biggest and most impactful ones.

There are LOTS of tweaks – too many too list but we’re got a few themes and notable points changes from FFG. One such change is that Large Ships got a points decrease in many cases – so did a number of upgrades that benefited them. You can also find links to each of the Free Online PDFs for each faction down below.

(Note: These are not all the changes, but a short list of notable changes.)

Rebel Alliance – Download PDF HERE

Points Decreases:

  • Y-wings
  • B-wings
  • A-wings, +Gained a talent slot
  • K-wings
  • E-wing

Points Increases:

  • HWK-290
  • Sheathipede-class shuttle

Galactic Empire – Download PDF HERE

Points Decreases:

  • TIE Advanced x1
  • TIE Advanced v1
  • Alpha-class Star Wing
  • VT-49 Decimator

Points Increases:

  • TIE/sa Bombers
  • TIE/ca Punishers

Other Changes:

  • TIE Phantom – crew icon swapped for a gunner

Scum and Villainy – Download PDF HERE

Points Decreases:

  • JumpMaster 5000
  • “Other Large Ships”

Points Increases:

  • HWK-290s
  • Quadjumpers
  • Escape Craft
  • “a certain very successful bounty hunter”

Resistance – Download PDF HERE

Points Decrease:

  • Resistance Bomber

Other Changes:

  • Blue Squadron Recruit – Talent Upgrade icon added

First Order – Download PDF HERE

Points Decrease:

  • TIE/vn Silencer

Other Changes:

  • TIE/fo “Null” – Talent Upgrade Slot Removed

Generic Upgrade Card Changes – Download PDF HERE

  • Advanced Sensors, Supernatural Reflexes, and other cards that scale based on initiative have been re-evaluated and increase in points respectively.
  • Many Crew Cards have gotten cheaper – particularly Force Users.
  • Many turrets received a points decrease.
  • Some Ordanced got a points increase.
  • Many talents were adjusted.

There are many, many more tweaks across the board so check out app or the PDFs (all links above) to see how your squadrons have been impacted!

There must be balance in the Force…

  • X-Wing: In Defense of Hyperspace Format