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40K: Chaos Rising – Shadowspear

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Feb 20 2019

With two weeks left on the countdown clock, and many many new reveals for Chaos already, here’s a look at what we know so far.

Shadowspear is coming, and Haarken Worldclaimer’s friends in the Black Legion are getting ready to hit Vigilus (in about 13 days), and boy have the folks on the Chaos Side been busy. They’ve not only been gathering en masse, they’ve been building new weapons of war, getting ready to strike with all-new weapons. Case in point, on the outskirts of the Vigilus System a band of Vanguard Marines (before anyone knew what Vanguard were) struck out against a Chaos Forge ahead of the fighting.

And with all the teasers from the Daemon Engine, we have a pretty good idea of what we’ll be seeing in the next few weeks. Here’s what we know so far.


Getting the first update in over two decades, Ezekyle “13th Time’s the Charm” Abaddon is ready to despoil everything on Vigilus. Even if he doesn’t actually make himself known and the Calgar vs. Abaddon fight everyone’s been looking forward to happens later–all the Chaos Champions are getting updates these days.


One of the many things forged at the Forge Infernus, presumably, the Venomcrawler, revealed at LVO is a terrifying new Daemon Engine, so saturated in the taint of the Warp that its presence thins the veil of reality itself, allowing Daemons easier access to Realspace. And Daemon access aside, they can provide withering infernal fire support.

Master of Possession Vorash Soulflayer


The Master of Possession means more Possessed–and in the blurb above, they mention Daemonkin warriors, which seems like a likely fit for these Daemon Engine pics.

New Chaos Space Marine sculpts

New Marine sculpts. ’nuff said. These look great and we can’t wait to get our hands on them.

Whatever holds that pintle-mounted bale flamer

Is it a new vehicle, is it an existing vehicle with an upgrade kit? Whatever it is, something’s getting a new bale flamer.

Obliterators (and probably Mutilators)

Rockin’ that Bane look, these guys are full of toothsome weapons.



That new scythe-like jetpack and chainglaive seem to be very Raptor/Warp Talon-y.


It sure seems like new Terminators are in the works. And who knows what more we’ll see before March 5th, which is when the countdown to Vigilus is up and the Chaos Legions spew forth.

What else do you think we’ll see?



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