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40K: Genestealer Cult – Sacred Relics of Cults

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Feb 4 2019

The Genestealer Cult has lot of relics to utilize in their army. Come take a look at a batch of them before they hit the tabletop!

Today we’re taking a dive into the Genestealer Cults Relics from their codex. We’ve got a handful to show off and we’re just as curious as you are how these are going to pan out on the tabletop. So lets jump in!

Icon of the Cult Ascendant

This one isn’t too crazy but it will boost the strength of all Cult Infantry and Biker units within 6 of the bearer. We’ve seen this before and it’s still great for your cheap cultists, your abberants, and your other dedicated assault troopers.

Sword of the Void’s Eye

It’s a bonesword – but better. Getting to re-roll hit and wound rolls is nice as well as the profile on this one. We’re not sure if it’s worth it to put on a GSC character or not but that’s only because of the other type of options. Then again, it could pop-up where you least expect it thanks to all the other shenanigans in the codex.

Amulet of the Voidwyrm

The +1 to saving throws is nice (we’re pretty sure that also applies to invulnerable saves). But perhaps more useful is the fact that enemy units cannot fire Overwatch at the bearer. Slap this on a Genestealer Patriarch and wade him into combat (or really any other CC character you want).

Scourge of Distant Stars


This is a funny little relic you can wear – and you can tell your opponent “quit hitting yourself” every time they roll a 1 to hit in melee. That’s just mean.

Oppressor’s Bane

Did you like the Gunslinger? Did you want to make one of his weapons even better? Well here you go! Now you can target characters AND re-roll wound rolls when attacking them. BANG!

Dagger of Swift Sacrifice

This dagger will have you stabbing well above the bearing model’s weight class. Put this on a cultist with a knife and cut some fools! Always wound on a 2+ on non-Vehicle or non-Titanic units. And if they are a character that isn’t killed, cause another D3 mortal wounds, too!

What do you think of these relics so far? Any favorites? Let us know in the comments!


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