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40K Hidden In Plain Sight – Primaris Mystery Thingy Edition

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Feb 13

We all know how GW LOVES to hide Easter eggs in their artwork.  Take a look at what one sharp-eyed reader sent in and make the call.

We’ve already seen how GW loves to drop little teases for us:

I am teensy! (and love Chaos)


I am big! (and love Chaos)


In the last month, we’ve seen the CSM Venomcrawler teased in Urban Conquest, and a bunch of the new Vanguard Primaris dropped in this image:


Now a bunch of these units are still unidentified. Maybe we’ll get some new CSM possessed, and several of those Primaris minis can be explained by the latest round of rumors.

A Dust Shrouded Mystery

Of course, the best detectives are the community as a whole. Thousands of us enthusiasts are now poring over every new GW image with a magnifying glass to see what morsels of future releases we may spot. Reader, A. Smith, sent us an image, which has already interrogated GW Community social media staffers about.

First some setup – note the image right up there, and in the upper left center background behind the Vanguard Librarian something is kicking up a lot of dust. In particular, focus on the area directly above and behind the Librarian and below the leftmost Venomcrawler. Now let’s look at what A. Smith sent in:




Hmmm, that’s interesting. The blue is intentional, and whatever it is has Astartes markings on it in white. The area to the left is of particular interest, due to the hard edges of the shape and what looks like a “Tactical Arrow” pointing upwards. If you assume the blob of blue to the right of the Librarian is the same object, it is large. Large enough to be a vehicle with something sharp-edged towards its rear.

To be honest, it most reminds me of a Land Speeder…

But there’s no way there is a classic Land Speeder back there in a piece of 2019 all-Primaris-all-the-time artwork.  When Smith asked GW Social Media crew if it was a new speeder he got the classic “can neither confirm nor deny.” 

~The jury is out on this one – what do you think is going on back there?


P.S. And thanks for A. Smith for sending this one in.

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