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40K RUMORS: About Those New Marines…

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Feb 11

Just last week we got amazing images of the the new Vanguard Primaris coming in . The Rumormill is filling in some more detail.

I think every 40K player is holding their breath for Shadowspear. A new Space Marine / CSM boxed set with 100% new minis doesn’t come along too often.

You can see the CSMs here, but today I want to talk about the Marines.

We got these two new units confirmed:

Primaris Eliminators

Primaris Sneaky Librarian

These guys are apparently called Primaris Vanguard.  Clearly there is more coming down the pipe for the Primaris, as we’ve been getting a lot of beta rules, and heck, even more unidentified units in the teased artwork:


The Rumors

Industry professionals say:

Expect the new boxed set’s minis to be “generic in nature” – not chapter specific.

More Primaris units are accompanying these two:

  • Primaris Scouts
  • Primaris Transport (effectively a hover Rhino – a smaller, cheaper Repulsor)
  • Primaris Jump unit (Assault specialists probable)


Again, this looks like GW is returning to their bread and butter factions of Space Marines and the CSMs, now that Codex GSC is out, rounding out the core 7th Codex re-releases. We have seen peeks of the CSM design philosophy in the Black Fortress minis, and now GW appears to be pushing into “core Astartes army units” that don’t have Primaris counterparts.

“We’re never gonna get off this Blackstone are we?”


“Well YOU aren’t – I have a helmet!”

The emphasis on the Eliminators and a Scout unit (probably the center foreground marine in the artwork), lets GW offer a new version of the venerable scout kit. A Rhino equivalent is keenly needed for those wanting Primaris only armies without the high cost of the Repressor. Once that kit is out, it opens the door up for future “Hover-Rhino” variants. Finally if the Jump Unit is assault focussed – that’s fills the last gap in the new range – something – anything designed specifically for melee.

“Psst, let’s just switch over into the Primaris line. No one will notice.”

~If I were a classic-marine scout, I’d be feeling very anxious about now…

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