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40K: Meet Vorash Soulflayer, Lord Of The Daemonkin

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Feb 28 2019

As the countdown to Shadowspear winds its way to a close, here’s a closer look at Vorash Soulflayer, Lord of the Daemonkin, and mastermind behind the Forge Infernus in Nemendghast.

Alright folks, let’s meet the dread sorcerer responsible for creating the daemonic host with the most, Vorash Soulflayer. Not only is he a Master of Possession, he’s also the Master of Possession.  Appointed by Abaddon directly to seize control of the infernal works on Nemendghast (which will soon be crippled by a strike team of Vanguard Marines, so, let’s just get that out of the way), Soulflayer commands incredible power over daemons and mortals alike. By drawing forth Daemons, he can create Daemonkin warriors and Greater Possessed, and is in general responsible for many of the new Chaos models soon to be released. Here’s a closer look, thanks to Warhammer Community.

via Warhammer Community

Commanding the Black Legionnaires on Nemendghast is a dread sorcerer who can create hybrid abominations by fusing Daemon, machine and mortal flesh. He is Vorash Soulflayer, and he holds the title of Master of Possession. In the name of the Warmaster, he serves as the overlord of multitudes of Daemonkin warriors and Daemon Engines from his dread stronghold, the Forge Infernus. From the Chambers of Ascension at the summit of the monolithic forge, Soulflayer draws forth creatures of the warp to bind with willing (or even unwilling) supplicants and bolster the ranks of his Daemonkin.

Vorash Soulflayer is every bit the occult arch-magister. In battle, he drifts forwards upon invisible waves of raw power, his horned skull helm sweeping the battlefield for suitable hosts to drag screaming back to the Forge Infernus for possession. He strikes down the unworthy with his baleful staff or simply immolates them with his malefic power.

Thanks to Soulflayer’s dread rituals, malformed creatures now roam the warped industrial districts of Nemendghast in great number, a gruesome parade of heretical warriors infected with the touch of daemonkind and swollen with unnatural gifts. Though his command of the Black Legion on Nemendghast is absolute by decree of Abaddon himself, Vorash Soulflayer has not been without his rivals. The Legion’s Warpsmiths, in particular, have sought to dethrone him and lay claim to Nemendgast’s daemonic flesh-factories for themselves. Soulflayer cares little for such treachery – more than one Warpsmith has joined the ranks of his Daemonkin or been melded to a Daemon Engine for challenging his authority.


Vorash Soulflayer is the main antagonist of the upcoming Shadowspear boxed set–we’ll doubtless soon get a look at his rules. So far we’ve seen him use warpfire, so he’s definitely a psyker–his staff probably inflicts mortal wounds or always wounds living targets on a 2+, but what really will be interesting to see is how they handle his ability to create Possessed or Daemonkin. In the meantime, let us know how you think they’ll handle all that in the comments!

And guard your souls, lest they be flayed

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