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40K: Next Week – Speed Freeks And Am-Bots And Titans, Oh My!

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Feb 24 2019

Next week from GW sees the release of mechanical monsters–be they bipedal, wheeled, or weaponry. Come see what’s up for pre-order next weekend!

Mechanical might is the core of next week’s releases from GW. Whether it’s the literal strength of the Mechanical Ambulls coming to Necromunda, or the Horsepower (is that still how they measure engine power in the 41st Millennium?) at the heart of the Ork’s Speed Freeks vehicles, or the devastating weapons of the new upgrade frames for the Warlord and Reaver Titans–next week will have something for everyone.

As long as what everyone wants is one of those specific things. If not, I’m afraid you’re out of luck, at least from Games Workshop. You might have better luck looking for what you’re after elsewhere–if you’re looking for freshly baked goods, for instance, you might try a bakery. Or if you want a cup of coffee, there’s always a local coffeeshop where your Barista will probably make some cool artwork. Let us know how it goes though, and we hope you find what you’re looking for.

Either way, here’s a closer look at what’s coming out next week:

via Warhammer Community

What happens when you cross an Ambull with a Galvanic Servohauler? You get an Ambot – or more specifically, Luther Pattern Excavation Automata – an industrial lifter that’s conclusive proof that everything in Necromunda, right down to the machines, is about five times more horrifying than it has any right to be.

As those of you with your copy of Gangs of the Underhive will know, Ambots can be added to any Necromunda gang in need of some extra mechanical muscle, as Brutes. They’re also cracking for enterprising arbiters looking to spice up their campaigns with a monster or two.


The Ambots pictured above are just a sample of what’s available to you. The kit is incredibly customizable, with different head options, pose options, weapon options–including grav or melta weapons–all designed to be customized to your specifications.

Next week also sees the release of the Kustom Boosta-blasta and the Shokkjump Dragsta, which were once only available as part of the Speed Freeks game. Now they’re available in their own boxes, and you’ll be able to order them next weekend.

And if that’s not enough for you, you’ll also have the chance to grab the new Warlord and Reaver Titan upgrade sprues on their own.



Volcano Launchers, power fists, options galore await you aspiring princeps. And alongside those, you’ll find new Titan Legion iconography in the form of the Legio Fureans transfer sheet, if you’re looking for more ways to customize your ride.

It’s a big week for GW–here’s hoping those Ambots make their way to 40K proper. We’d love to see those fielded around the table!

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