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40K RUMORS: Making Way For New Primaris Kits Means…

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Feb 23 2019

There’s a rumor scuttling about exactly what the future holds for the Space Marines, and their classic little brothers.

Wave 2 of the Primaris Marines is well underway, and we expect them to keep growing over time. As with Stormcast Eternals, it is going to take a little whole for a standalone Primaris range to get rounded out – but give it time, GW will get there.

But with a giant range of Classic Marines, GW always has the ability to speed transitions along subtly over time.

Clearing Out the Underbrush…

Industry Professionals say to look for the following:

  • GW will slowly begin to withdraw low performing Classic Marine kits from their inventory.
  • These these kits will either be permanently retired, or reworked into modern versions.


Let’s be honest – is anyone really surprised by these rumors? If we take these at face value – it makes sense form a purely financial point of view. If there are units that have incredibly low sales, why bother keeping them available.  This strikes me less as “cancel these units” and more as “let the inventories naturally dwindle down to zero” – then don’t restock them.

I think we’ve seen the last Classic Marine kit out of GW, so that talk of “reworked into modern versions”  most likely means a new Primaris version of them. For an analog, think of the slow removal of the old metal Ork Guns, and their replacement by the new plastic Mek Guns.

From a rules point of view – I would expect no changes for years. Using the Ork Guns as an example, the old metal ones had been out of production for over a decade before GW finally dropped them from the latest Ork codex last year. I expect these types of unit changes are more about dollars and cents than overtly changing the meta. It will slowly adjust on its own due to supply and demand.

There are no specifics about the timeline for this, but if talk is underway (and the rumor is true), I would expect several months after GW considers the Primaris line to be stable – or perhaps sooner if the units in question have virtually zero sales anyway.

Finally – the big unanswered question – what units?  That’s one for you.  I have some suspect kits in mind, but you all can better estimate exactly what the slowest selling classic Marines kits would be.


~ Have at it, and let me know what kits you think GW would pull if the rumors are true.


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