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40K RUMORS: New Ynnari Are Coming

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Feb 13 2019


There’s new pointy-eared talk in the rumorsphere. Get in here for the latest whispers regarding the latest Aeldari faction.

So far we’ve already gotten 3 Aeldari codexes:

  • Craftworlds
  • Drukhari
  • Harlequins

With varying levels of effectiveness from the three books. After a year at the top end of the 40K meta, the Ynnari-fueled Aeldari powerhouse shows no signs of slowing down… until now.

You want to win with Aeldari? Talk to the magic cat!

New Rumors

Latest word from industry professionals say

We have two competing set of information regarding an Ynnari update.

  • Timeframe is said to be either spring, or late summer. (conflicting reports)
  • Format are said to be either a codex (with some new models), or a short stopgap FAQ/PDF or White Dwarf update. (conflicting reports)

Previous Ynnari Rumors (from over the last 6-9 months)

…word from industry professionals said

  • Look for the new Codex after all the core 8th codexes have been completed.
  • The codex WILL include new models.

Somebody play me… please!



Considering the Ynnari is the real exciting part of the Aeldari backstory over the last 2 years it makes sense to have them get their own codex. The Ynnari faction already heavily influences the 40K Meta with only 3 models (Lets be honest – it’s all Yvraine all the time).  I think a standalone book would go a long way to not only continuing the narrative arc of the new Eldar god’s awakening, but allow GW to give the faction more fleshed out rules, their own strategems and relics. They have now had plenty of time to gather gameplay stats and army performance, and 2 years to redo their rules and exactly how they will work with other Aeldari factions in soup lists.

The conflicting times and rumors might even be all correct.  If GW thinks the faction is destabilizing the game too much (just look at their numbers and performance at LVO 2018 and 2019), it might make a lot of sense for them to put out a “hold you over” BIGFAQ/White Dwarf update in the near term and a full codex later in the year with full fluff, rules and new minis.  In fact – that is a quite prudent plan.


Holding out for a new giant Avatar!

What’s clear is that something IS going on about the Faction and that GW knows it’s a problem in the game in its current form.

Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful!

~What would you most like to see in a standalone Ynnari codex? 


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