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40K: The Chaos Accessory Sprues We NEED

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Feb 26 2019

Chaos is rising and now that we’re weeks away from a major Chaos Space Marine release we’ve got a list of sprues we need for our Chaos Armies!

Games Workshop has done an amazing job with their plastic kits. They have ton of bits that are highly modular for some kits while others are just mono-pose models. Thankfully, most of the mono-pose things are relegated to characters anyhow. But for their other plastic kits, the community has really been able to embrace them and convert them as part of the hobby.

At the same time not everyone is a master hobbyist or converter. But that’s an opportunity for GW to step in and really help the rest of us out with a handful of sprues that would open things up – chaos style! Here a few Chaos Accessory sprues we’d love to see.

Chaos Heavy Weapon Sprues (aka Havocs)

Did you know that the Chaos Havoc kit hasn’t been converted to plastic? No, it’s finecast resin. That’s because it’s based off the old METAL models from years ago. In fact, that heavy bolter was the only option that was re-worked and included with the most recent Chaos Space Marine box:

And yes, that box IS old, too! That’s how long it’s been and Chaos players have been having to convert their own heavy weapons for years. That needs to be remedied.

Renegade Knight Sprue


The Renegade Knights have rules already, how about a Chaos Accessory Sprue to match? I’m not talking about using the Chaos Vehicle Sprue and trying to add some spikes here and there. And I’m not talking about taking a hobby knife or saw to the existing Knight kit and just converting things to look more “battle damaged” either. I want to see chaos shoulder pads, chaos-looking weapons, and I want to see crazy chains/spikes/skulls all over the place.


They did a similar thing with the Chaos Reaver – the endo-skeleton is basically the same. But give us some crazy new armor plates and weapon options (even if it’s just the tips with Gargoyle faces).

Renegade Armigers/Dominus Sprues

I’m lumping the Armiger and the Knight-Dominus kits in here together. Again, if these are options that Renegade Knights can take, why not create a new sprue to enable Chaos players to Daemon-Engine them up? Face plates, armor plates, and weapon conversion options are what I’m talking about. Those things have been done by GW before for other kits, why not for the rest of the Imperial Knights, too!?

Chaos Guard Sprues

There ARE chaos guard in Blackstone Fortress. Now we just need to get those sprues out there to convert them over from the existing IG sprues. And if you think this concept is far-fetched, allow me to introduce you to the Genestealer Cults:

You know what’s stopping GW from creating Chaos Guardsmen? Themselves. It can be done because it HAS been done before. If it was just headswaps, weapon swaps and possibly a cape or some other chaos-y features (aka spikes) then that would totally work! Then again, maybe we’ll see a completely new kit for the Chaos Guard in the future. The models from Blackstone Fortress are the prototype. But I’ll settle for a new Chaos Guard Accessory Sprue in the meantime.



Bonus: Chaos Primaris Marines

Hey, if the current Space Marine Heads and shoulder pads fit (they do) then why not the Chaos Space Marine heads and pads. Add some skulls, maybe some spikes…BOOM. New accessory sprue. Oh come on, you know it’s probably on the way already…

Not quite Primaris sized…yet.


If you could create a Chaos Accessory Sprue, what unit would it be for and would you like to see on it? Let us know in the comments!

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