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40K: The Dreaded Ambull – 40K Rules Preview

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Feb 14 2019

The dreaded Ambull burrows onto battlefields across the galaxy this weekend, and today we have a look at its monstrous rules in Warhammer 40,000.

Arriving on the Blackstone Fortress this weekend is the Dreaded Ambull–but this massive burrowing beast can’t be contained by a cosmically powerful star fortress. As if mere ancient technology beyond the ken of mortals could hold this creature back. And so it goes that you’ll see the Ambull appearing across the galaxy, and when it shows up on your 40K battlefields, we’ve got a look at its rules. Come see exactly how the Ambull will find you, kill you, and eat you.

via Warhammer Community

Let’s start with a look at the Ambull’s stats, which come in surprisingly beefy. With 7 wounds and strength and toughness 6, the Ambull packs a mean punch. Er. Claw. And for d3 damage at that.

But the Ambull doesn’t come alone–it also features two Borewyrm Infestations, which are basically baby Ambulls.

They don’t hit nearly as hard, but pack a wallop for being so small. And both Ambull and Borewyrms have the ability to tunnel around the battlefield, popping up in the most inconvenient places–like on an objective, or right in the middle of a highly defensible position before the enemy can seize it.


The Ambull also has the Rad-Maggot Symbiosis, which is just free wounds back every battle round, which will keep it in fighting form for much longer than you’d think.

Now the Ambull is balanced for narrative and open play at the moment–but there are points included in the kit as well. So if that’s how you like to balance out your games (and who doesn’t?) GW has you covered as well. GW has a few interesting suggestions on how you might use the Dreaded Ambull on your tabletop…

  • Sly Marbo stalks an Ambull through a death world forest (the poor creature!).
  • Modify the Genestealer Infestation battlezone rules from Vigilus Defiant, replacing the Genestealer Infestation datasheet with that of an Ambull.
  • One randomly determined objective marker is actually an Ambull nest.
  • At the start of each battle round, the players roll-off to see who controls a roving Ambull for the duration of that battle round.

…all of which sound great. But we’d like to know–how do you plan on using the model?

Let us know in the comments!



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