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40K: The Greater Possessed Revealed

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Feb 28 2019

He’s been lurking in the shadows and hovering in the artwork all month long. Now we finally get our first look at the Greater Possessed in all his glory!

Shadowspear is coming soon and with it a TON of new models for both Chaos and the Space Marines. However, today we are getting our first real look at a model that has been hinted at over and over again. Meet the Greater Possessed:

via Warhammer Community

Yet those loyal to Soulflayer follow him without question, for they know that if he deems them worthy, he will reward them with transformation into a Greater Possessed – the largest, strongest and most fearsome of their kind. Fellow Daemonkin look upon these deformed champions with great reverence, for they are living proof of the ultimate ascension that awaits them all.

Well now, we have the answer to quite a few of those teasers! Or do we? Well at least we know about that backpack – that’s confirmed:

The Dual Vents are a dead give-away.

But what about that claw-hand:


NOPE. That hand is one finger short. Either it’s an alternate option or that hand belongs to a different model! And the Daemon Foot?

Four little piggys is not the same as that cloven hoof up top. It’s a similar running pose – however, that looks like the back of the left off raised in the running position vs the right foot/hoof raised in the Greater Possessed above. So does that mean we’re looking at yet another model? Possibly!

At least we can mark one off the Rumor Engine list – check out this blast from the past:

That’s from May 15th, of last year. I noted in that post that it was already painted. Here we are 9 months later and we’re FINALLY getting to see what this is. Now that is playing the long game. I’ll also be expecting apologies from all the folks in the comments who go SOOOO offended that didn’t mention Slaanesh as an option for this claw. Guess what: you were wrong, too. Congrats – we’re all humans and no hard feelings. This thing is a Possessed CSM and NO ONE saw that coming. Well played GW, well played.

That said, Games Workshop has been doing a great job with this roll-out. There are even more models on the way and it’s had people (myself included) guessing and second guessing the entire time. That’s how you do a teaser, folks!


Say HELLO to the Bad Guy.


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