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40K Time Warp: Astra Militarum & The Empire – Ten Years Ago

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Feb 14 2019

Ten years ago this month – GW rolled out first of the great 40k flyers, Imperial Guard, Nurgle and Empire were all getting the love.

Today we roll the clock back 10 years to the week to see what all the GW fandom was going nuts about when we were all a bit younger.

People FREAKED OUT!Previous Resin Valk

Plastic Valkyrie

It was February 2009, and GW was rolling out the plastic Valkyrie!

Forge World had a resin Valkyrie but in February pics started leaking on the web and everyone got their first looks at the Valk. We were pretty impressed and people were lining up to buy whole squadrons of them.


Codex Imperial Guard

This 5th Edition Imperial Guard codex was about to hit and people were clamoring for the new rules. This is the codex that gave us the rules for the Valk, Vendetta, and all the Leman Russ variants.

Nurgle Daemon Prince

Forge World was trucking along and kicked out this guy for Nurgle fans. Congratulations buddy – you and your creepy little buddy are 10!



Empire Greatswords

Warhammer Fantasy was still trucking along strongly and AT LAST the Empire got its plastic Greatswords, replacing the previous ones with their “battle action constantly snap off metal blades”. Life was good in Altdorf!

~Seriously I can’t believe this was TEN YEARS AGO! Were you on the hype bandwagon with these kits? What are your memories of these releases?

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