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Age of Sigmar: Chow Down On These Flesh-Eater Courts Previews

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Feb 6 2019

Battletome Flesh-Eaters has rules enough to wake the dead, and turn them into a ravenous horde that will devour everything. Come see what the new book holds in store for everyone’s favorite deluded cannibals, the Flesh-Eater Courts.

Following hot on the heels of the Skaven, here comes the Battletome that brings you all the ghoulish delights you could look for in an army of cursed cannibals. These regal nobles, who have deluded themselves into seeing the grandeur of the past, rather than the twisted, cannibalistic creatures they’ve become, have quite a few rules updates in the battletome. So come take a look.

via Warhammer Community

The Flesh-eater Courts allegiance abilities are similar to those found in the last General’s Handbook, but have been given some considerable improvements. As an alternative to picking a delusion for your army, you’ll have the choice of selecting a Grand Court instead (more on those below). Feeding Frenzy, a key Flesh-eater Courts ability, is also a bit better; rather than occasionally getting to fight twice in the same phase after you destroy a unit, it’s now a command ability, giving you much more freedom as to when you use it.

Well I know what I’d spend my command points on. You’ll find new subfaction rules added as well, in the form of Grand Courts, which function much like the Skaven Clans from earlier. These Grand Courts give you access to different abilities depending on how you build your army. Blisterskin, for instance, is all about mobility.

But if terrible monsters are your thing, you’ll want to build Gristlegore, which allows you to take Royal Zombie Dragons and Royal Terrorgheists as Battleline choices.


They also get a custom lore–the Lore of Madness, which seems to be all about keeping your troops in the fight, either by maintaining them or giving them the mobility they need to get off that crucial charge.

Finally, you’ll get Command Traits and Artefacts, and special mount traits like in all the other Battletomes. Here’s a look at one of them, Death From The Skies:

All of this is just an appetizer before the real feast begins this weekend, so be sure to stay tuned.


Bon(e) Appetit!

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