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Goatboy’s 40K – The “Other” Castellan

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Feb 28 2019

Goatboy here and throwing out a list that utilizes the Castellan in an unexpected way.

I get the feeling the nerf will be like my Monday article – single Imp. Knights get no dang Strats.  Cuz the rent is to damn High!  This leads me to think the Castellan will be the same – it just needs some friends to actually be useful.  This leads me into looking at other Knight households that maybe don’t need to be so Command point heavy.  Thus the Krast army I got below.  I call it – let Goatboy finally play his Castellan and some Assassins doing some killing!

House Krast Basics

To give some info – this is what he Krast Household gets.

Household Rule – Cold Fury (sounds so brutal)
Reroll failed hit rolls in the fight phase if they were charged, charged, or performed a Heroic Intervention.  Also if they are fighting a Titanic Unit they get to always reroll hits in the fight phase.

This isn’t too bad and of course the Castellan is accompanied by some Gallants to really get some uses out of this Trait.  While the Household rule isn’t bad – it is not why I am taking this Household over say Terryn (Double attack Gallants and more rolls for charges) or Taranis for that sweet get back up Strat.  The real reason why I am running Krast is for a sweet little Warlord trait I can throw on the Castellan to make it like a pseudo Raven when it shoots plus a sweet Relic to make it extra spicy.

Warlord Trait – First Knight
Reroll hit rolls of 1 for the Warlord.

Relic – The Headsman’s Mark
Increase the damage characteristic of the bearer’s weapons by 1 for attacks made against enemy units containing models with a Wounds characteristic of 10 or more.  Increase the Damage characteristic by 2 instead of attacks made against Titanic Units.

This basically means I have an “overcharged” plasma gun without burning the Cawl Relic against anything big and I could go completely gun nuts versus another Knight and get a gun throwing out 4 damage pew wound if I want too.  All for no command points wasted beyond the initial you spend pre game.  Take that Vect/GSC Strat!

After all of that I threw in some Assassins to help shore up some weaknesses.  I really like the new Eversor rules as it gives you some very powerful options to do some big damage to blobs of units.  Of course the idea of using Twin Vindicares to pop aura characters is pretty important too.  But hey – lucky for me the new Assassin rules and strats let me pick and choose per game depending on what I could need.


The List: Krast & Friends

Super Heavy Detachment – 4CP – [90pl, 1660pts]

Household – House Krast – Questor Mechanicus

Knight Castellan [30pl, 604pts] – 2 Shield Breaker Missiles, 2 Siegebreaker Cannons, Warlord – Cold Fury – Relic – Headsman’s Mark
Knight Gallant [20pl, 352pts] – Heavy Stubber, Reaper Chainsword, Thunderstrike Gauntlet (-1CP – Land Strider)
Knight Gallant [20pl, 352pts] – Heavy Stubber, Reaper Chainsword, Thunderstrike Gauntlet (-1CP – Armour of the Sainted Ion)
Knight Gallant [20pl, 352pts] – Heavy Stubber, Reaper Chainsword, Thunderstrike Gauntlet

Vanguard Detachment – 0CP – [15pl, 255pts]

Officio Assasinorum

Vindicare Assassin [5pl, 85pts]
Culexus Assassin [5pl, 85pts]
Eversor Assassin [5pl, 85pts]

Total – 1915pts – 7CP


List Tactics

Basically I burn 1 CP for whatever Assassin I want 2 of – burn another for full tilt at some point – and hopefully use the others to double attack or double shoot with a Vindicare or two.  If I can get lucky I could gain some back if I kill a character or a Warlord.  I do wonder if I should just go with 2 Vindicares but who knows.  6 CP should be ok to use during the game with this army that doesn’t need it nearly as much.  The random Krast strat is super cheap and could be handy to charge into a blob of Plague Bearers to generate more damage as needed.  But overall the army should be fast, efficient, and let me actual spend some time thinking as needed.  Plus I get to finally play all my knights in an event.  Or I could just go ahead and make my  Chaos Dominius Knight and play it all as a counts as army with an Khorne Culexus, Slaanesh Eversors, and a Tzeentch Vindicare.  Man and here I didn’t want a job to do haha.

~Until next time – roll 6’s and kill the enemy.

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