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HOBBY: The Bigboss’ Last Hurrah With Chaos Dwarves

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Feb 9 2019

Long time Hobbyist Tommy “Da Bigboss” rides off into the sunset with the one that started it all – Chaos Dwarves!

Hi! Tommy from the blog Bigbossredskullz making my final post here on BoLS!

I figured it would be cool to do my final post with the first stuff I posted here way back in 2014 – namely my retro chaos dwarf army!

Truth be told they haven’t aged that well but I find them charming nonetheless.

Had a lot of fun making this army but I dont see myself making an army anytime soon!


Though I am considering making a BB team with chaos dwarfs themed like this but with an updated paintjob to the standard I am at now.

Kinda like the BB idea as I have a fair few wip dawi zharr in my bitz box.

But back to this army. I actually see quite a lot of the techniques I use all the time now at the starting point with these models.


That’s it folks! You can find me on my blog or on Instagram.

I am no longer on Facebook nor Pinterest.

Thanks for having me BoLS, it had been a blast!

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