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Outside the Box – February 1st

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Feb 1 2019

Welcome to another issue of Outside the Box. This week with news about Wargame Exclusive, Gale Force Nine, North Star Military Figures, Raging Heroes, Artel W Miniatures, Anvil Industry, Mantic Games and many more!

A new Greater Good miniature is coming soon from Wargame Exclusive:–> More Wargame Exclusive News

Gale Force Nine released their Waterdeep Dragon Heist range: –> More Gale Force Nine News

The pre-order campaign for Ghost Archipelago Gods of Fire has been launched by North Star Military Figures:–> More North Star Military Figures

Artel W Miniatures offers new releases:–> More Artel W Miniatures News

The Executrix squad are available from Raging Heroes:
–> More Raging Heroes News

Mantic Games announced a new Terrain Crate Kickstarter:And the Nightstalkers are now available:–> More Mantic Games News

A new wave of releases is available from Anvil Industry:
–> More Anvil Industry News

Victrix published new preview pictures:
–> More Victrix News

New Bolt Action sets are coming from Warlord Games: –> More Warlord Games News


Mad Robot Miniatures presents another preview of their Sons of Silence heads:–> More Mad Robot Miniatures News

New 40mm Wild West terrain is coming from Sarissa Precision:–> More 4Ground News

Wyrd Miniatures presents Agent 46 for Malifaux:–> More Wyrd Miniatures News

The biker gang will soon be available from Crooked Dice:–> More Crooked Dice News

Puppetswar released new bits: –> More Puppetswar New

And Rubicon Models presents several new previews: –> More Rubicon Models News

And here are this week’s new Kickstarter campaigns:

Normandy Miniatures – 15mm (1:100) plastic french post-war miniatures
Effin Cool Minis – Cult of the Demon Lord
Krakon Games – Creatures Underground: The Grim
LoreSmyth – Krakens & Cannons – Epic Ship Battle Maps for Roleplaying
Cool Mini or Not – Munchkin Dungeon
Oakbound Studio – Deep Ones of the Powell Darks
Z1 Design – Ancient Dice of Kaldor
Poison Studio – The Eternal Battle
Todd Brammer – CNC Machined Precision Wood Dice
Krimson Horse Entertainment – EdgeElite Six-Sides Unleashed
RN Estudio – Mythexplorers III : RPG miniatures
Tracey Henry – Undersea Adventures – NPCs and Scatter
Collapse Industries – WOR: The World of INFERNO
Diego Pisa Artworks – RPG Epic stuff libraryPetersen Games – Hyperspace
Scylla Models – Bay Watchers
Harlequin Miniatures – Goblins


~And if you want to stay up to date visit The Tabletop Fix for daily updates!

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