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RPG: Star Trek’s Sciences Division Supplement Is Fascinating

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Feb 20

Now available from Modiphius, the new Sciences Division Supplement for Star Trek Adventures. Grab your tricorders and get ready to invert the flow of your dechyon field matrices, because there’s a space/time causality breach that needs fixing.

Star Trek Adventures is making fascinating new discoveries with its Sciences Division supplement. This is the last of the three “division” supplements, joining the earlier Command and Operations supplements in rounding out the different fields on a Starship. This one looks to be chock full of new information, including rules for time travel, disease, new talents for characters and more. Of all the supplements, I’ve been looking forward to checking this one out the most.

One of the best things about Star Trek Adventures is their dedication to filling out the corners of the show–to that end they have a few different subsystems in their rules that allow for those classic Trek moments. With rules for making new discoveries about unusual phenomena, or finding new ways to reconfigure your existing equipment to do things it shouldn’t, there’s a lot for the science character to do besides just roll to scan things with the tricorder. It’s definitely a “you get out what you put in” kind of system, and this supplement looks like it gives you more to put in. Check it out.

via Modiphius

Star Trek Adventures: Sciences Division – $32.99/$14.99(pdf)

“It is the unknown that defines our existence. We are constantly searching, not just for answers to our questions, but for new questions.” – Commander Benjamin Sisko

The Sciences Division supplemental rulebook provides Gamemasters and Players with a wealth of new material for use in Star Trek Adventures for characters in the sciences division. The Sciences Division supplemental rulebook includes: This book requires the Star Trek Adventures core rulebook to use. 


Detailed description of the sciences division, covering both the science and medical departments, Starfleet Exploratory Division, Starfleet Science, and Starfleet Medical.

■ An expanded list of Talents and Focuses for science and medical characters, as well as new character creation choices for cybernetic and genetic enhancements.

■ Guidance on creating truly strange and unique alien species, as well as advice on including spatial anomalies,parallel universes, the Q, and time travel in your adventures.

■ A list of medical equipment and pharmaceuticals, and rules for their inclusion in Star Trek Adventures.

■ Advice on creating plot components that focus on their scientific and medical Player Characters, as well as information on including counselors in a campaign.

■ Rules for creating new, truly alien species, introducing hazardous and hostile environments into scenes, and new mechanics for suffering or curing diseases.

■ Detailed descriptions and game statistics for a range of Science and Medicine focused NPCs and Supporting Characters, including Carol Marcus, Noonian Soong, and Zephram Cochrane.


Fascinating, it seems inverting the dechyon field has only made it worse. Oh well. What’s the worst that could happ–

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