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Star Wars: X-Wing Unboxing The Resistance Conversion Kit

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Feb 7 2019

The Resistance is finally out of the nest and on their own. Take a look at everything you’ll need if you want to sign-on to the Resistance and fight the good fight in Star Wars: X-Wing!

Introduced as a sub-faction to the Rebellion in the First Edition of X-Wing, the Resistance is now it’s own full fledged faction. It’s time to dive into all the goods inside their conversion kit:

The Resistance Conversion Kit has everything you need to update your collection from the previous edition to the current state of the game. With dozens of cards for ships, pilots, crewmembers gunners, upgrades and more – this will get you Resistance ships ready to rock and roll on the tabletop.

There are also a lot of Resistance specific upgrades included in this box. If you were wanting to get access to those options without having to purchase the new versions of the same ships, this box is for you. If you are currently or if you want to fly the ships from the Resistance faction in Star Wars: X-Wing then this box is pretty much a must buy addition.

Resistance Conversion Kit $39.95


The Resistance is the only line of defense against the rising tide of the nefarious First Order. Like the Alliance to Restore the Republic before them, the pilots of the Resistance often find themselves outnumbered and outgunned. Fortunately, the Resistance has some of the most advanced starfighters from the entire Star Wars saga at their disposal. With the Resistance Conversion Kit, your First Edition versions of these ships can be added to your X-Wing Second Edition squadrons right away.


This kit contains everything you need to upgrade your Resistance ship collection from the First Edition to the Second Edition, including pilot cards, upgrade cards, and ship tokens. Amongst the new ship cards and tokens, you’ll find new versions of Resistance heroes like Poe Dameron and Rey, each ready to bring their unique abilities to your custom-built squadrons. These pilots are complemented by over one-hundred upgrade cards that you can use to customize your squadron to fit your play style. Finally, this conversion kit gives you plenty of options for rounding out your Resistance squadrons, containing enough maneuver dials to convert three Resistance Bombers, three YT-1300s, and four T-70 X-wing fighters.

Update your collection and hit the tabletop with all the new Heroes from the Resistance!

Author: Adam Harrison
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