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40K Adepticon 2019 – The Championship Lists

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Mar 30 2019

The games are over and the victor has been declared – check out what lists managed to take it all the way!

The 40k Championships at Adepticon are already over and the dust is settled. Here’s how it ended up:

via Best Coast Pairings

Congratulations to all the top 4 players. If you’d like to see the top 16 player’s lists you can view those here. But at the end of the tourney there can only be 1 winner – Congratulations to Jim Vesal, your Adepticon 2019 Warhammer 40k Champion!

Champion – Jim Vesal – Chaos Daemons

Runner-up – Stephen Fore – Genestealer Cult


We’ll be back on Monday with more on these lists – but for now, go you can check out the action still happening at Adepticon on Game Workshop’s Twitch Stream.



Papa Nurgle is going to be so proud!

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