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40K BREAKING: Abaddon, Black Legion, And NEW Chaos Minis Out Next Week

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Mar 17 2019

Next week Chaos comes to Vigilus, in a big way. Abaddon the Despoiler, along with a sexy new squad of Chaos Marines are coming, and they’re bringing some never-before seen models with them. Check it out.

First things first, Abaddon is back and bigger and badder than ever. We’ve all seen the new mini–now’s your chance to grab it for yourself. He’ll be up for Pre-order next week, so let’s just roll that beautiful bean footage.

It’s Abaddon, you know him, you view him as one of the biggest threats to the Imperium or the biggest failures in Chaos, but either way, his new miniature looks fantastic.

And as we know, you’ll get three different heads, an option for a cape or not, and a new Primaris Lieutenant to boot. Literally.

But that’s not all–you’ll also be able to grab some new Black Legion Marines–here’s what Warhammer Community had to say about these guys:

The new Chaos Space Marines set builds you a squad of ten of these superhuman reavers, realised in baroque and terrifying splendour. Just as awesome-looking as the models from Warhammer 40,000: Shadowspear and Warhammer Quest: Blackstone Fortress, these models have been made with customisation in mind, allowing you to build units of close-combat raiders, long-ranged fire teams and anything in between. If you’re looking to field smaller squads, there are enough parts inside to build two units of five, each with a special or heavy weapon, Chaos Icon, and appropriately sinister-looking Aspiring Champion.


And as you can see, the pieces in this kit play well with the other Chaos Marines out there, allowing you to do up some amazing conversions and bash out new forces for the ruinous powers from all these lovely bits.

But wait, there’s more… on top of all THAT, there’s also a brand new Chaos terrain piece.

Coming out of nowhere, the Noctilith Crown is a wicked looking gateway that seems poised to call down the ruinous powers. It also represents the culmination of some background lore–in addition to granting nearby units an invulnerable save, and bonuses to Chaos psykers, the Noctilith Crown is composed entirely of Blackstone:

The Noctilith Crown also represents some exciting developments in the lore. Last year, in Forgebane, we found out Blackstone can be attuned to weaken or strengthen the power of the warp. The Noctilith Crown is one example of what happens when the Heretic Astartes get their hands on this miraculous mineral, used to sunder the veil and allow ingress for their daemonic allies.


Stay tuned to see how the Warmaster will bring ruin to Vigilus. In the meantime, get ready for pre-orders!

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