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40K BREAKING: Dark Apostle Spotted – New Mini Pics

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Mar 20

Spotted in the wilds of the internet–a new Dark Apostle model, accompanied by two dark attendants. It’s probably heresy to be showing you this, so say a litany or two and check it out.

The internet works its magic again, this time bringing you an image that appears to be from Warhammer Community before Warhammer Community has put it up. Come check out the new Dark Apostle in all his dark glory. These pictures come to us from a group on Facebook, though presumably they’re by way of Warhammer Community–though it is nowhere to be found on the site right now. Leaked origins aside, let’s get HERETICAL.

via Facebook

These are some quality images and you can see the guy up close and off-center flanked by two attendants who are suitably heretical. There’s an attendant holding a censer and another one holding his grimoire up. Let’s zoom and enhance.

There’s a real “dark mirror” of the Black Templar’s Grimaldus set going on here.

This is another Daemon Engine mystery solved–we knew he was coming, we saw the mini in the artwork from Vigilus Ablaze, we saw the pieces of his candles and book and burning censer from the Daemon Engine’s heretical spewings… but this miniature looks fantastic. Full of fire and brimstone, literally. What other new Chaos stuff is coming down the pipeline? And what form shall the destructor take?


Clearly there’s a lot to look forward to in Vigilus Ablaze. Will it be as powerful as everyone’s favorite Chaos codex? Probably not, that was the top of Olympus and all other peaks are still downhill from there–but this looks like a great shot in the arm for Chaos–even the most staunchly loyal Imperial players around our officers are jumping all over themselves to commit heresy and start a Black Legion/Chaos Army.

Let us know what you think of these in the comments!

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