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40K BREAKING: Leaked Chaos Marine Datasheets – New Units And Rules

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Mar 2 2019

The Photato Strikes Back! Leaked datasheets have been making the rounds–here’s what’s new for Chaos in Shadowspear. Come take a look!

Pretty much what it says on the tin folks. Here’s a look at what’s new for Chaos in Shadowspear. We’ve got a look at new options for Chaos Space Marines, including a rule that hints at a new model, a new psychic discipline, and more. There’s a lot to dig through, so let’s dive right on in. These images were found on Imgur, via user Hotrod 192

via Imgur

Let’s start off with the new Marines, who have some exciting new sculpts coming their way.


As you can see they get some new options–including an autocannon, which seems to indicate a new mini on the way. So look forward to new options in the future.

The Venomcrawler is going to be a costly model in terms of points/powerlevel, but it’s twin excruciator cannons look like they’ll put a decent amount of shot on it. You have to chew through five toughness 7 sounds before it reduced in efficacy, and even then it’s only the movement speed and strength of its weapons that drop. And since it regenerates pretty handily these things are surprisingly resilient.


The Greater Possessed each count as characters, and you can take two to a squad, so you’ve got a shot at getting them in where you want them to be. Although their true strength is as a buffing unit for Daemon units, like the Venomcrawler or Obliterators.

Speaking of which, the Obliterators have their fleshmetal guns and are capable of delivering some decently powerful shots. Though they’re not reliable, you can get up to 18 shots out of a single unit–even more expensive than the Venomcrawler though. Also worth noting is the Cult of Destruction Keyword.

Then finally we have Vorash Soulflayer himself, here as the Master of Possession. He’s a powerful psyker, with access to a new discipline: the Malefic discipline. But other than that, there’s not much new going on here, aside from being on occasional thorn in the side to Psykers.

And that’s what’s new for Chaos.

What do you think? Overpowered? Underpowered? How do you think they’ll change the game? Let us know in the comments!


Author: J.R. Zambrano
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