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40K: BREAKING – New Chaos Flyer Model Hidden In Plain Sight?

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Mar 05

Hidden in plain sight: it looks like Abaddon has designed a new flyer, spotted on art for the latest Vigilus Ablaze book.

If you’ve been seeing all the updates for Vigilus II. Note, this cover image is totally an homage to the original Rogue Trader cover -but with CSMs not Crimson Fists.

You’re no doubt familiar with this image of Chaos Marines making an aerial assault on an urban center – and generally kicking Imperial butt.

But then we noticed something zooming forward in the middle ground. There’s a lot of “traffic in the pattern” around this CSM dropsite, but one caught our eye in particular. Let’s take a closer look at the sky:

After doing some cleaning up we categorized what we could. A trio of Helldrakes zooming low in the center, hordes of Raptors hurling down on the upper left, and a giant clawed mothership in the middle-top background.  But then we noticed those two other flyers. Note they are in front of the white buildings, so these aren’t giant vehicles.  Take a closer look:

One on the upper right



One on the middle left


These two aren’t identical, but the angle is slightly different. Overall these look like roughly cylindrical shapes flying towards the viewer, with upward and sideways hornlike structures. A pair of gunlike forward things out the front, and Helldrake-like sets of wings poking out the  bottom.

Now let’s take a look at some a couple of the unidentified teaser images:




So what does that mean? Is this a new Black Legion model hiding out there in the wild?  Who knows, but the CSMs are getting a big release not only with Shadowspear but kits beyond.  Chaos does not have a plastic flyer transport and if one ever appeared, I would expect it to have design elements from the other CSM flyers like the Helldrake, & Helltalon.  Whatever that thing is up there – it fits the bill.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments!

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