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40K BREAKING: NEW CSM Terminator Mini Pics!

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Mar 22 2019

Oh the new CSM Termys look AWESOME! Get a load of these bruisers!

We’ve been getting little drip, drip, drips of the CSM Termys this last week, but a new set of detailed pics just dropped. It appears these came form GW in some form, but at this point, they are all out and about.  Enjoy thee new 4th Generation Chaos Terminators:


via B&C:

Black Legion

Word BearersAlpha LegionNight LordsIron Warriors

It looks like the new kit has everything including

  • Combi-bolters
  • Power Weapons (sword/mauls/axes/fists/chainfists)
  • Reaper Autocannon
  • Heavy Flamer
  • Lightning Claws
  • Combi (plasma/melta/flamer)

I’m liking the new tabards and furs, which help to increase the bulk of the models.

~What do you think? 


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