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40K: Chaos Space Marines & The Noctilith Crown Unboxed

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Mar 23

The new Chaos Marines and Noctilith Crown sets are here. Take a look inside the box!

Chaos is upon us with 12 kits. This week brings us the first set and right out of the gate are the CSMs and the massive new Noctilith Crown terrain kit. Join us as we open up the boxes and see what GW has to offer for CSM players to get us started!

Chaos Space Marines

I’m digging the new notched pauldrons.Missile Launcher and Heavy Bolter here.Meltagun & Flamer here.Plasma down below.

Noctilith Crown

Better get Inquisitor Spader on the phone!

 Two identical sprues make up the portal. It’s quite large indeed with a 7″ diameter, not counting spikes!


It’s totally not a stargate.


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