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40K: Chaos Terminators Have Some Tanky Tactics

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Mar 29

Chaos Terminators are getting new and improved models, and with them looking as good as they are, here’s a helpful guide to fielding them, so you too can get the most out of them.

Terminators are heavily armored units that pack two wounds on 2+ armor saves, with an invulnerable backup unit that all but guarantees they’ll get bogged down by a mob of lasgun fire when it all comes down to it. They can be expensive, they can be prime targets (though if presented with a choice between a unit of terminators and, say, 4 Havocs with Chaincannon, I know which one I’d shoot with everything until they’re dead first).

But today we’re here to talk about ways you can get the most out of your new Terminator kits. We know that their new kit is packed with cool new bits and options for you to load your forces down for bear–including a sweet new power fist (as seen in the Daemon Engine) and melee weapons that have been in need of an update. It’s no surprise then that the latest “tactica” article on Warhammer Community recommends bringing along maximum melee models–after all if you have the bits for it, it’s not a bad way to keep them safe.

And properly kitted out, any unit can benefit from one of the new Dark Apostles. The Soultearer Portent in particular is pretty sweet when comboed with what the Terminators can bring to bear.

Of course this means keeping your Dark Apostle nearby, which means they’re not buffing the shooting of a unit of Havocs or other units. Terminators are in such an interesting spot–on paper they’re fairly tough. And in the tactica article, they talk about going all in with melee, but if you’re doing that you could also just be taking berserkers.

But it feels like there is a place for them in a Chaos army–so we turn the question to you.


How would you make Terminators work in your Chaos army? What marks would you give them, how would you gear them? Let us know in the comments!

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