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40K Deep Thought: There’s a LOT of New Daemon Engine Minis

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Mar 14

What’s GW’s plan with all the new Daemon Engines out there?

We’ve already gone over the Daemon Engines out there – and there’s lot (thanks for the extra oddballs Forge World)! But since 8th Hit We’ve added:

  • Myphetic Blighthauler
  • Plagueburst Crawler
  • Blightdrone

And just now:

  • Venomcrawler
  • Lord Discordant (I assume its Mount)

And this leave with a couple of thoughts of where this (daemonic)train is headed:

Does GW want CSMs to be a faction tightly bound to Daemon Engines? 

If you combine all the previous Daemon Engines out there – that is lot of model choices for players.  I like the idea that while the Imperium just keeps cranking out Leman Russes and Rhinos, the Chaos Forges are the true technical innovators of the galaxy (take that Cawl) – knocking out new and cool ways to throw deamons into machines.  If so I would say that GW give the -Daemon Engine- keyword some special rules to give them some character the next time a codex comes out. Because some of the older ones like Defilers and Helldrakes have great models – but sub-par rules – relegating them to dusty shelves across the world.

I’m uncertain exactly what new rules they should get, or perhaps some special strategems for them in a CSM codex would emphasize the Legion’s reliance on them. I’m all in favor of this concept as it will give CSMs a unique vibe instead of just being spikey marines. I wouldn’t be surprised if GW let’s the sexy new Deamon Engines start to fill in the slots the venerable Rhino-chassis tanks used to fill – keeping only the classic Rhino itself to haul around the footsloggers.

Are Dark Mechanicus being Tee-ed up as a Future Faction?

I’ve talked before about how Dark Mechanicus must be on the plate at some point. If you look as the dark mirrored relationship between the Craftworld and Drukhari codex you can see what a Dark Mecnanicus codex might look like compared to Adeptus Mechanicus. A sudden infusion of  Daemon Engines into the game only makes Dark Mechanicus easier to produce one day.  But I hear you saying “Larry, Mechanicus is about a lot more than funky machines.”  I hear you and have been turning these guys over in my mind since Blackstone Fortress came out.


Negavolt Cultists…


It seems pretty obvious that these guys are dark mirrors of the AM Electro-priests. Would it really take that many kits to make this a viable faction? I bet GW could do it with 6, counting a couple clampacks.

~Where do you think GW is going with all the recent Daemon Engines?

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