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40K: Horus Heresy Classics Back In Print

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Mar 31

As the Siege of Terra nears its launch, there’s a new Horus Heresy bundle arriving, and with it, the chance to grab some of your favorite novels, up for Print on Demand for a limited time.

The Horus Heresy series has been around for a while. Long enough that its earlier books like Legion or Descent of Angels aren’t available traditionally any more. Until now. Well the next couple of weeks, at any rate. Thanks to print on demand you’ll be able to secure some of your favorite Horus Heresy novels in print once again.

The last novel in the series, the Buried Dagger, might already be out, but there’s still a few new wrinkles to the tale. Wrinkles you can uncover in the upcoming short story anthology Heralds of the Siege. So let’s dive in and see what’s new this week from the Black Library.

via The Black Library

Heralds of the Siege is a short story anthology encompassing sixteen tales set in the buildup to the Siege of Terra. From the gleaming walls of the Imperial Palace to the dark halls of traitor starships, the stories give you an insight into the defenders of the Throneworld and those who wish to burn it all down. It’s now in paperback, and you can download the eBook and MP3 audiobook now.

Set on Caliban, Descent of Angels by Mitchel Scanlon shows how Lion El’Jonson united the knightly orders of the world and shepherded them through the arrival of the Emperor. It lays the groundwork for the tragedy of the Dark Angels and gives you an incredible look at a world long lost.


Dan Abnett’s Legion put the spotlight on the Alpha Legion, delving deep into their shadowy tactics and their reasons for joining Horus’ cause. It also delivered the first major twist in the Horus Heresy, revealing a long-kept secret that will absolutely change the way you look at the primarch of the XX Legion…

In Battle for the Abyss by Ben Counter, the Word Bearers launch a warship designed to wipe out the Ultramarines gathering in the Calth System. It’s a rip-roaring action adventure and shows the tensions between warriors of loyal Legions for the first time in the series.

Mechanicum turns the focus to Mars. As a few loyalists hold out against allies of Horus, armies of Titans and Knights march to battle. Graham McNeill paints a masterful portrait of the fall of a world and sets the scene for more drama and tension later in the series as the Lords of Terra deal with a nest of traitors on their doorstep.

Tales of Heresy was the first short story compilation to grace the Horus Heresy and contains such varied tales as a look at the training regimen of the Legio Custodes and a conversation between the Emperor and the last priest of a dying religion. It provides a fascinating insight into the way different authors view the series and lays the seeds for lots of story arcs to come.


Happy Reading!

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