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40K: Perdition’s Flame Sets Warhammer Horror Alight In The Distant Future

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Mar 29 2019

Perdition’s Flame is an upcoming audiodrama, first of its name–and first of its kind in the new Warhammer Horror imprint. Come learn what gruesome, terrifying threats you’ll see when Perdition’s Flame is set alight.

Warhammer Horror continues its burgeoning encroachment from the dark depths of the terrors that skitter in the shadowed corners of human imagination, lurking unseen–but not unfelt–just outside the mind’s eye. At least until you actually decide to order the book in question and get the agony of waiting over with. But in the meantime, let us all endure, and be thankful that the Black Library is among the scariest things you’ll actually have to deal with today.

via Warhmmer Community

Here’s a look at Perdition’s Flame, the newest (and first) audio drama in the Warhammer Horror line:

Perdition’s Flame – $9.99

A Warhammer Horror audio drama

A disgraced Vostroyan Imperial Guardsman huddles, alone and freezing, against a dark storm. Desperate for a chance to redeem himself, he grasps at any hope for peace. But in the Dark Millennium, the Gods offer nothing but horror…

It’s dark, atmospheric, utterly terrifying and a perfect audio horror experience, compellingly written and thunderingly performed.


The wind screams. The dark night is freezing. Vossk, a Vostroyan Firstborn, shrinks into a rock against a howl of memories. Having disgraced himself by deserting his post during a terrifying encounter, Vossk had resigned himself to penal servitude, though yearned for the chance to redeem himself. But in the 41st Millennium, such dreams are hollow when a man’s reality has been shaken to his core. Found in the shadows of a pitiless cave, Vossk relives his tale to his rescuer. But trauma stalks the weary, and in the face of an even greater horror, it grins at those whose courage has failed them once before…

Written by Alec Worley. Running time 79 minutes. Performed by Grace Andrew, John Cameron Stewart, Andrew Wincott & Jo Woodcock.

Happy Listening!

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