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40K: The Battle For Signus Prime Unfolds At Warhammer World

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Mar 26 2019

There’s a new display showcasing the epic confrontation between the Blood Angels and their daemonic adversaries. Witness Sanguinius in all his glory, in a breathtaking new diorama at Warhammer World.

The Warhammer World team have a challenging task: bring to life the iconic battles of the grim darkness of the distant future where there is only war. And they do it using only the minitaures that G/FW produce, setting an aspirational example for all hobbyists, though it’s hard to imagine having quite as many things to field. But even so, they create some amazing displays–and the latest is no exception. In celebration of the upcoming release of Malevolence, which features the Blood Angels and their iconic battles, come take a look at the battle of Signus Prime.

via Warhammer Community


The battle of Signus Prime demarks the first time Space Marines encountered an army of Daemons in force. Warmaster Horus sent the Blood Angels to the Signus System under false pretences, knowing precisely what they would encounter – a blasted wasteland hiding a dark secret.

As Sanguinius and his host made planetfall (literally, in this case), the planet twisted in front of their eyes and great rifts opened wide, awash with blood… and other things. Bizarre and unfamiliar shapes coalesced, and creatures of all kinds rose up to fend off the invaders


You can see moments of this first confusing contact played out in miniature form. Whether it’s Sanguinius leading the charge, trying to rally his troops with his gleaming sword and golden armor…

Or the daemonic wastes of the planet themselves acting as impediment to the Blood Angels.

You can see Blood Angel artillery moving into position while Bloodletters climb the literal face of a rock wall to try and assault them.

This complements the display piece Fear to Tread which shows about how the battle winds up…


There’s a lot of things to take inspiration from here. And you can grab your very own Sanguinius on Friday (or at least pre-order him).

Good luck painting up your Blood Angels!

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