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40K: Top 5 Stand-Outs From Chaos Space Marines 2.0

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Mar 29 2019

Between the new Chaos Space Marine Codex and Vigilus Ablaze we’ve been doing some evaluating of CSM units new and old. Here are our favorites.

Chaos got a lot a love between the new codex and Vigilus Ablaze and we think it’s about time to go through pick out some of the stand-outs based on the new stuff. Let’s get to it!

Lord Discordant

For starters, this new model is amazing. It unlocks about a million little combos, too. Thanks (mostly) to the fact that it has a book of keywords to go along with it (which opens up a ton of Stratagem options). On top of all those keywords, it’s also got some other cool special rules to aid daemon engines and just cause problems overall. We really like this unit and really think it’s going to make a splash with Chaos 2.0!

Dark Apostle

The new Dark Apostle and his mini-choir-crew are actually really good in the new update. The Chaos Prayers open up some more possibilities and a whole new can of worms for your opponents to deal with.

They aren’t psychic powers so they can’t be shut down in the traditional sense and they are really powerful force multipliers. We think the new Dark Apostle is going to start showing up as a HQ option for all types of CSM.


Red Corsair Chaos Space Marines

Yeah – I KNOW! We’re actually really excited to see Chaos Space Marines in a Chaos Space Marine List, too! Red Corsairs are perhaps the best option for them as troops for the bonus CPs you can rack-up.

If you need a CP battery, these guys are looking like a pretty strong option. And as Abe pointed out, you could run 2×5 man squads and a 20 man squad to activated these Extra CPs – and then spend them to “regrow” the 20 man squad using their Stratagem. Hey – I’d be shocked and thrilled to see a list with 30 Chaos Space Marines on the tabletop and these guys do that!

65 Point Obliterators*

*For the next two weeks at least. Okay, here’s the deal – there is very clearly a misprint in Codex: Chaos Space Marines 2.0. The points cost of the Obliterators is copy/pasted from their previous book which puts the at 65 points. We ALL know from Shadowspear that they SHOULD be 115. But because of how the publications work until it’s errata’d the Players are going to have the option for the CSM 2.0 points cost with all the benefits of the updated rules (because the datasheet IS updated). We guess that it’s going to be about two weeks until GW drops the CSM FAQ and fixes it. I’m sure lots of folks will make the “honest mistake” and run the cheap version until they get corrected…Just let them know their error before they get too comfortable with it.



I can’t believe it either – but Havocs are looking pretty spicy! First off, they got a bonus point in Toughness and are T5 now – hey, why not! But what really seals the deal for us is their new fancy shoes:

Having a unit that can move and fire those big guns with no penalty is pretty darn cool! You could hide them in cover and then move them into firing position to rain death on their targets. We’ve been toying with the idea of running a unit with 4 Reaper Chaincannons in a Rhino. Drive-up, get up, and fire-away!

This is going to be a very popular bit…

Aside from that, Havocs are looking really good as mark of Slaanesh for all those OTHER tricks. Firing again or even getting to fire three times in one turn if you want to drop the command points to make them a part of the Devastation Battery:

Let’s see, 8 shots per guy, 4 guys, and they can possibly fire 3 times in a single turn? That… a LOT of bullets! (It’s 96 shots folks.)


Those are just a few of the new stand-outs in the CSM codex/Vigilus Ablaze. We’ve got even more we’re cooking up – what are you looking forward to running soon?


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