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April BIG FAQ and 40k’s Current Meta

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Mar 28

The next BIG FAQ is right around the proverbial corner following Adepticon. With minor changes expected, it would seem the game’s rules are quite tight now – really?

The reason why I say that is the rules in general are good but specifically there’s a lot of open issues. Specifically speaking one good example is how the heck did the limit on mortal wounds inflicted by the Genestealer Cult psychic power Mental Onslaught get nuked the same day the FAQ for this codex was released ???!

GSC Tricks

The way it works it’s a leadership plus d6 roll off versus the casting psyker and enemy target. If it’s a draw or the psyker rolls higher it inflicts a mortal wound and you keep rolling off until either the psyker fails or the enemy target dies. Here’s the amazingly nuts part – the psyker can be buffed all the way up to leadership 12-14 plus they can debuff enemy leadership too. This can literally destroy a Warlord Titan… oops. I recently watched a video battle report where three Imperial Knights were all vaporized by this gaming atrocity. And here’s the kick in the nut sack… if the GSC player fails the roll then they will just burn one command point to reroll it. Just pick up the model to save some time. I always run at least one psyker and my lists have other means to deny the witch when I play competitively.

Don’t cross the streams…

40k rules keep coming up with gimmicks like this that bleed off enemy mortal wounds like so many calories at a fat farm… Death Grip, Mirror Mind, Executioner. At least they were able to perfect it this time around… I’d really love to know why they changed the FAQ and to be completely honest there’s no good reason at all. This all comes back to the premise that the game was developed this edition with a heavy influence from card games like Magic the Gathering… tactical acumen is now rolling the ultimate wombo-combo.

The Usual Suspects

The 3++ Castellan (Iron Bulwark plus Rotate Ion Shields) is still a thing too. Oh and Imperial detachments can summon Daemons again – oh boy that’s not fluffy at all and this just makes me laugh because the internet says oh wow now you can work Death Hex into your Imperial Soup. Death Hex is cast on a Warp Charge of eight the same as Null Zone which is an area of effect rather than targeting one enemy unit. The latter can devastate an entire enemy flank such as Harlequins or Daemons. Sure we don’t see a lot of Harlequins in play but Daemons are a thing. I see the major advantage to Death Hex is it can be potentially cast by a Daemon Prince which is quite resilient but there is a lot more chance involved so it’s inherently much less likely to happen.

I feel like balance has been tossed out the window because you know competitive gaming is a thing. I’m beginning to seriously doubt the BIG FAQ will do anything to address standing issues regarding the Castellan which is a big deal since it has a drastic impact on what you can field in a competitive environment. I know Knights are flying off the shelves, but wouldn’t it be nice to see some other vehicles and walkers on the table again (excluding Eldar vehicles)? Here is to hoping that the index for Ynnari in the April White Dwarf tones them down some… I wouldn’t get your hopes up though but you never know.

~Do you think the BIG FAQ will do enough to rein in the cheese?


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