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40K: Warhammer Adventures Animated For Your Enjoyment

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Mar 08

It’s the weekend–and that means that in a few short hours, GW will be bringing us another quick Saturday Morning Cartoon. These animated adventures are quick glimpses into what lies in store in the new Warhammer Adventures series. Come check out the latest!

If you haven’t been watching the Warhammer Adventures animated shorts, they’re pretty delightful. These are shorts that evoke the sense of wonder and style and even a little of the humor that’ll be present in the Warhammer Adventure stories. Whether it’s a young explorer finding out why you don’t touch the Xenos heretech, or an adventurer learning the importance of never giving up, there’s some nice little snippets into the world of Warhammer Adventures. Let’s take a look!

via Warhammer Adventures

First up, here’s a tech-adept and his jokaero companion working up some excigint new inventions in Anything is Possible.

Then we have a look at an adept of a different kind experimenting with a tome of magical lore–which, I’m sure is never going to backfire or have any negative consequences. After all, historically nothing bad ever happens in Warhammer when you try to Find the Magic.

Then we get to my favorite of the bunch, Explore the Galaxy–I’m pretty sure this exact moment happened in an old Rogue Trader campaign I played in.


Finally Never Give Up shows the importance of trying again and again and again. This one was pretty exciting, I’m looking forward to seeing how it all turns out. There’s another one coming soon, so be on the lookout tomorrow

You can find them all on the Warhammer Adventures YouTube channel. There’ll be six all in all for the first wave. Six glimpses into the worlds of Warhammer. So grab a bowl of cereal and strap in.

Ready to explore the worlds of Warhammer Adventures?

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