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40K: Blood Angels May Be Showing Up on Vigilus

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Mar 7 2019

Vigilus Ablaze is just around the corner and it sure looks like GW is sending in the Blood Angels to face down Abaddon.

It sure looks like the forces of Abaddon are rising and the fates of the Imperium are taking a turn for the worse.  At the end of Vigilus Defiant, we saw the Imperium under Calgar retrenching to withstand the initial Raptor-based invasion waves of the Black Legion.

Shadowspear is telling the tale of the Ultramarines discovering a daemonforge on one of the outer worlds of the system.  With Abaddon’s new mini being unveiled along with all the new CSM minis it sure looks like a full Black Crusade is about to smash into the critical world.

But it’s this picture that has had me wondering:

Do those look like blood Angels to you? Down on the lower right.  Because they look like Blood Angels to me.

What have the Blood Angels Been Up To?

Let’s step back and take in some fluff details and new mini releases:

Calgar just got his new Primaris mini and is running things so far – but they make notes in Vigilus Defiant that he is avoiding combat as he is still healing.


Guilliman is running the Imperium, and is no where to be seen. Apparently he’s off playing dominos with Cawl at the Primaris factory.  Either he’s going to appear to save the day in Vigilus, or be a no show. In either case, he’s not going to die with his new fancy mini, and he just got reborn after all.

Count the things these minis have in common…

Abaddon is going to get his time in the sun with his new mini. He is obviously being set up as the BIG BAD for this year’s narrative arc, and there is just no way GW will let him get his butt kicked (again) and flee (again) shaking his fist (again). He’s going to at least get a meaningful victory here.

There wont be any dramatic buildup with the Black Legion killing a lot of Guardsman, GS cultists and Orks… no one cares about them. This is 40K after all and to make a difference – you have to kill someone who MATTERS…

Which brings me back to the Blood Angels…


Dante is the Commander of the Imperium Nihilus, ruling in Guilliman’s stead up in the darkness beyond the Great Rift.  The Chapter has gotten their Primaris infusion but the Sanguinary priests are raising some eyebrows about what The Flaw will do to the new guys. The chapter CAN get to Vigilus, as it is in the stable corridor connecting both sides of the Imperium. It’s been awful quiet on the Blood Angel front since 8th came out. You know what the lords of the Blood Angels don’t have?  Nice new models…

Just look as these poor old guys – and their sad teensy bases:

We have been hearing rumor whispers for months that once the big 40K Narrative for 2019 leaves Vigilus, it will be moving to Baal…

If you wanted to set up a giant cliffhanger, and wrap it all up with a bow – it makes a lot of sense to have have Abaddon do something terrible to the Blood Angels – something that would necessitate new fancy models for them and give 40K a solid reason to move the story onto Baal.


~What do you think is going on, and how would you craft this Narrative if you ran things?


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