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AoS BREAKING: Hidden Power Expansion & NEW Fyreslayers

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Mar 27 2019

Artifacts of Power come to Age of Sigmar, and the Fyreslayers get an all new Battletome and new minis.

Straight from Adepticon 2019:

Hidden Power

“Forbidden Power contains new endless spells usable by any army, representing the dark magics of Shyish unleashed during the Soul Wars. Sinister, deadly and tactically invaluable in the right hands, these endless spells offer enormous power – if you’re willing to pay the price…”


“The forthcoming Battletome: Fyreslayers forges your army anew, with updated allegiance abilities and warscrolls, plus the ability to dedicate your army to one of the legendary Fyreslayer lodges. This book breathes new life into the Fyreslayers, offering a wider range of army compositions than ever before – from rampaging packs of Magmadroths to serried lines of magma-spewing Auric Hearthguard. Battletome: Fyreslayers also sheds new light on the history of these ur-gold-seeking mercenaries and establishes them as a major player in the unfolding narrative of the Soul Wars.”

“New terrain and Magmic Invocations – fiery equivalents to endless spells summoned to battle by Runemasters and Runesmiters – make your Fyreslayers even deadlier.”




~ More Eternal Spells and a much needed Fyreslayers update. Have at it!

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