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AoS: Khorne Tactics And Command Abilities Preview

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Mar 15 2019
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Khorne’s tactics are more than just “run forward, hit it, hit it harder if need be, run forward some more” and here’s the living proof. Come take a look at some suggested tactics and command abilities that will help you secure blood for the blood god.

Or if you’d prefer skulls for the skull throne, these tips will still help. Here’s another glimpse inside Battletome: Blades of Khorne. This time we’re looking at some of the command abilities as well as new Blood Tithe abilities that are indispensable assets in any Khorne khommander’s arsenal. So whether you’re looking for blood, skulls, or cream for the Khorne god, here’s a look at what gifts await the Blades of Khorne.

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One of the biggest concerns you’ll have as a Khorne player is what to do with your Blood Tithe points. It’s an interesting system that builds momentum as you slaughter in the name of Khorne–and you can spend your points on summons, but oftentimes you want everything already on the table killing and generating more points. Fortunately there are more options available to you, including new results on the Blood Tithe table.


Crimson Rain and Slaughter Triumphant are powerful abilities that give you a permanent buff to some of your units. Crimson Rain is especially powerful for helping your multiwound models actually make it into combat (looking at you Juggernauts).

All of this combos especially well with classic favorites like Murderlust, which is basically a Khorne daemon’s best friend.

And with many of Khorne’s forces getting expanded aura abilities, like the Wrathmongers 8″ aura of extra attacks or the Bloodsecrator’s extra attack aura that now moves freely with them (for when you really want your Bloodletters to kill everything), you’ll have some extra flexibility.


Flexibility that you might spend on some of the new Slaughterhosts–there are four new ones in Blades of Khorne. These are subfactions that gain an extra ability and command ability when you take them, here’s a look at one of them: the Goretide.

With these abilities you’ll get better at seizing objectives and be able to grant some surprisingly long-range charges if you plan it right. Well there you have it folks. Khorne’s new Battletome is out tomorrow, so keep an eye out for it and in the meantime–let us know what you think in the comments.

And make sure that if you’re out there harvesting blood that you try to stay positive.

Author: J.R. Zambrano
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