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BREAKING: Jaghatai Khan 30K Rules Spotted!

Mar 19

The Primarch of the White Scars has rules! Come check em out while you can still catch the Khan.

It’s been a very, very long time coming, but Forge World’s Horus Heresy Malevolence is just around the corner and info is finally leaking out across the interwebs.

Here is the the master of the Vth Legion in all his glory:

via El Descanso Del Escriba 


Jaghatai Khan

Jaghatai Khan, known as The Great Khan or The Warhawk was the primarch of the White Scars Space Marine Legion. Known for his secluded and fierce nature, the Khan was commonly overlooked and seen as a barbarian but in truth was a highly cultured individual. Most of the records about him are from the White Scars, and as such can be subject to variety and unreliability. The Chaos emissary to Lorgar called him the Warrior.

Learn More of the Khan

I can’t wait for Malevolence!

~ It’s your lucky day White Scars fans. Have at it!


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