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Next Week’s 40K & Age of Sigmar Products & Pricing CONFIRMED

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Mar 11

Khorne, Lord of Slaughter is on the march with an all new Battletome and goodies!

Here’s the list of products and prices for this weekend’s GW releases about to hit the shelves. This weekend we switch gears from Vigilus over to the bloody Mortal Realms.

Battletome: Blades of Khorne: $40

Skulltaker: $35

Bloodmaster Herald of Khorne: $25

Flesh hounds: $5o

Skull Altar: $35

Judgements of Khorne: $35

Warscroll Cards Blades of Khorne: $25


Black Library

Cadian Honour (hardback): $27

For ten thousand years, Cadia stood as a bastion against the daemonic tide spewing forth from the Eye of Terror. But now the Fortress World lies in ruins, its armies decimated in the wake of Abaddon the Despoiler and his Thirteenth Black Crusade. Those who survived, though haunted by the loss of their beloved homeworld, remain bloodied and unbarred, fighting ruthlessly in the Emperor’s name.

Amongst them is the indomitable Sergeant Minka Lesk. Sent to the capital world of Potence, Lesk and the Cadian 101st company soon discover that a rot runs through the very heart of the seemingly peaceful world. Lesk knows she must excise this taint of Chaos, for it is not only her life and those of her company at stake, but also the honour of Cadia itself.

Written by Justin D Hill



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