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Star Wars: Destiny – Previewing The Red Cards of ‘Convergence’

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Mar 16 2019

There is a new set coming to Star Wars: Destiny and today we’re getting a look at the brand new Red Cards heading to the game with Convergence!

Mark your calendars for March 28th as the launch date for the next set of boosters for Star Wars: Destiny. Convergence brings a slew of new options to the game from all over the timeline of Star Wars. Today, we’re getting a look at a handful of the Red Card options that are coming to the game.

via Fantasy Flight Games

Convergence features an emphasis on cards that spot various subtypes on your field. For Red, this means greater attention paid to the troopers fighting battles in the field, and the leaders that push them to victory! Join us today as we preview troopers and leaders in Convergence, a new set of boosters for Star Wars™: Destiny!

The Good

First up we have Kes Dameron, father of Poe Dameron. That’s right folks, Poe’s dad was a Sergeant in the Rebellion and looks like he’s on Endor of all places. Cool. Anyhow, in game he’s rocking a decent ranged attack die and has some handy focus actions, too. Plus if you play him with Troopers, you get to really tack on some punch!

Next we have Padme Amidala and you can see she’s quite the influencer. Her die has 3 focus actions which is pretty impressive! She’ll allow you to get the job done with others, like any good delegator can do.


Finally for the Heros we have the Rebel Engineer. If you want to run a mod-heavy deck, then this is the character for you. Don’t discount the AoE damage or the general usefulness of their die either.

The Bad

Since we got a look at some of the Characters for the Villains in the Red already, FFG decided to show case some of the other cards. For example, the Megablaster Troopers! This card will cost you 4 resources to play but it packs a punch! Not only do you get to roll additional First Order Stormtrooper die, this die, by itself, can really be a force multiplier.

The Imperial Officer helps to maintain some discipline in your ranks by allowing you to adjust other Trooper dice to the side you need. Along with 2 more focus options on the die, that’s pretty good odds this character will help your plans come to fruition!


Make Demands is a new event card that presents a tough choice. For the cost of spotting one of your leaders, you can force your opponent to take 2 damage to a character or give you a resource. That can be a lose-lose situation.

The Neutral

Measure for Measure is a new event that you can use to remove dice from both player’s pools. That could totally be worth it depending on what you’ve rolled and what you’re staring down at across the table.

Advanced Training is a new plot card that helps turn those annoying blanks into at least indirect damage. Hey, it’s better than nothing!

The Quicksilver Baton might be thematically approriate for Phasma but it’s neutral so either side can use it. It allows you to get some dice back in your pool but as a die itself, it helps dish out some melee damage.



And finally we have a neutral location – the Military Camp. It you control this location you can use the Power Action to activate characters that share sub-types. Plus, if one is a trooper, you can re-roll their dice.

Convergence – $2.99 per Booster

Explore the galaxy with Convergence, a new set of boosters for Star Wars™: Destiny featuring 180 new cards!

Convergence introduces a variety of new mechanics into Star Wars: Destiny, including the ability to hinder your opponent’s characters with potent downgrades. Place a bounty on your enemies, lock on to them with a fleet of vehicles, or attack them mentally with potent Force abilities!

Convergence also features new versions of some of the most prolific characters in the Star Warsgalaxy, including Emperor Palpatine, Jabba the Hutt, Captain Phasma, and more!

Take the next step in your Star Wars: Destiny journey with Convergence!


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