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Team Yankee: Oil War Pre-orders UP

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Mar 22 2019

Battlefront’s Team Yankee just rolled out dozens of sets for you to wage World War III across the Middle East in the 1980s.

Battlefront says:

“With Europe ablaze the shadow of war quickly crept across the globe. In the Middle East, Iran and Iraq had been locked in a conflict across their border since 1980, and looked unlikely to stop anytime soon.  Further west, Israel and Syria had come to blows in Lebanon as Israel fought PLO forces operating from inside their northern neighbour. The oil rich region, already rife with conflict and tension, was about to be drawn into World War III as the Soviet Union and US led NATO set about protecting their interests in the black gold that kept the wheels of industry turning.”

Oil War includes information on World War III in the Middle East, covering Israel, Iraq, Syria and Iran in Team Yankee.

Oil War Preorder Page


Kahalani’s Warriors (Plastic) (TISAB01)
Kahalani's Warriors (Plastic) (TISAB01)


Hussain’s Republican Guard (Plastic) (TIQAB01) Ayatollah’s Revolutionaries (TRNAB01)
Hussain's Republican Guard (Plastic) (TIQAB01) Ayatollah's Revolutionaries (TRNAB01)


Mid April Releases
Product Code Product Name
FW917 Oil War: A4, 80 pages, Hardback
TISAB01 Kahalani’s Warriors (Plastic)
TIQAB01 Hussein’s Republican Guard (Plastic)
TRNAB01 Ayatollah’s Revolutionaries (Plastic)
TIQ901 Iraqi Unit Cards
TIR901 Iranian Unit Cards


Late April Releases
Product Code Product Name
TIS900 Israeli Dice Set
TTK11 Israeli Token Set
TIQ950 Iraqi Decal Set
TIQ900 Iraqi Dice Set
TTK12 Iraqi Token Set
TIR950 Iranian Decal Set
TIR900 Iranian Dice Set
TTK13 Iranian Token Set


Magach 6 Tank Platoon (Plastic) (TIBX02) Pereh Anti-tank Platoon (TIBX05)
Magach 6 Tank Platoon (Plastic) (TIBX02) Pereh Anti-tank Platoon (TIBX05)


Late April Releases
Product Code Product Name
TIBX02 Magach 6 Tank Platoon
TIBX05 Pereh Anti-tank Platoon
TIBX06 ZSU-23-Shilka AA Platoon
TIBX07 M48 Chaparral SAM Platoon
TIBX08 Skyhawk Fighter Flight


M113 Platoon (TRBX01)
M113 Platoon (TRBX01)


Early May Releases
Product Code Product Name
TRBX01 M113 Platoon
TIR120 Anti-tank Jeep Group
TIR702 Mechanised Infantry Platoon
TIR703 Basij Infantry Company


T-62 Tank Company (Plastic) (TSBX19)
T-62 Tank Company (Plastic) (TSBX19)


Mid May Releases
Product Code Product Name
TSBX19 T-62 Tank Company (Plastic)
TQBX01 Mech Company
TIQ702 Mech Platoon
TIQ703 Mech Weapons Company


Merkava Tank Platoon (Plastic) (TIBX01)
Merkava Tank Platoon (Plastic) (TIBX01)


AH-1 Cobra Attack Helicopter Platoon (TIBX09) VCR/TH HOT Anti-tank Platoon (TQBX02)
AH-1 Cobra Attack Helicopter Platoon (TIBX09) VCR/TH HOT Anti-tank Platoon (TQBX02)


Mid May Releases
Product Code Product Name
TIBX01 Merkava Tank Platoon (Plastic)
TIBX09 AH-1 Cobra Attack Helicopter Platoon (Plastic)
TQBX02 VCR/TH HOT Anti-tank Platoon
TQBX03 ZSU-57-2 AA Company
TIS702 Mech Infantry Platoon
Late May Releases
Product Code Product Name
TIBX03 M113 Platoon (Plastic)
TIBX04 M109 SP Artillery Battery)
TIS120 Jeep (TOW) Platoon
TIS121 Recce Jeep Platoon
TIS704 Redeye SAM Platoon


~Who’s picking up an army for this one, and which countries?


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