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Warhammer Forbidden Power Teased At GAMA

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Mar 12

The Stormvault Opens…but to what? Games Workshop teases a brand new video for Warhammer Forbidden Power.

Games Workshop has a new cryptic video showcasing the next expansion for Warhammer – set in the Age of Sigmar, what could this possibly mean:

“Even a God may regret what he has done.”

Whoa. Cryptic indeed. We’re greeted with the image of a Sigmarite Temple which pans down to another vault of Sigmar:

The doors open to reveal…

Nothing. Okay GW. You have our attention. They did have this to say:


Forbidden Power is an expansion for every Warhammer Age of Sigmarplayer that’ll put you at the heart of the latest battles in the Soul Wars. Look forward to major narrative developments, new magical powers to unleash and new rules for all of your games. We’ll have more news on just what it means for you soon.

Anyone want to take a stab at what’s on the way? More Stormcast for sure…and then? Slaanesh? An “Empire” army? What could Sigmar be hiding in the Jungle temple? I guess we’ll have to wait to find out. Whatever it is – it’s gonna be MAGIC.

Also in the world of Age of Sigmar we’ve got some other news of the Munchkin variety:

Oh, it’s on!


More news from GAMA as it breaks! We’ve got a team on the way there right now!



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