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Wyrd: These Assassins Can Bring Back Ancient Allies in M3E

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Mar 05


Wyrd shared art for one if their newest Yan Lo models for Malifaux Third Edition: The Gokudo. These criminals work only for the Yan Lo. Unbeknownst to these assassins they are descendants of those who swore loyalty to Wei Lu in both life and death – they are permanently bound to the sorcerer’s magic.

via Wyrd:

On the table, Yan Lo can use the Gokudo as conduits to bring back his ancient allies that have fallen in battle. With the Ancient Bloodline Ability, these Ancestors come back even more powerful while simultaneously allowing the Gokudo to haunt and torment their opponents, even in the afterlife. While they’re in play, these subservient vessels are difficult to deal with, as their Hard to Kill and Face in the Crowd Abilities both make them difficult to take down without taking the appropriate measures first.



In addition to being a pain to take out, the Gokudo can also assist Yan Lo in keeping a steady hand of cards with their Know the Warrior Ability, which allows them to draw a card if they Cheat Fate while having Focused. Their Bonus Action, Risky Maneuver, makes sure that they can get that much needed Focused without having to use up one of their Actions to Concentrate, which always helps, too.

Learn more about The Gokudo and their abilities here!

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