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Goatboy’s 40K: The Trickle Before the Chaos Tidal Wave

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Mar 4 2019

Goatboy here again and today let’s talk about the leaked new Chaos Space Marine units.

Overall I think the revealed CSM datasheets look pretty interesting because while they are not as exciting as some would like – we all know there is a whole lot more rules involved beyond these “simplified” boxed set rules.  In fact that is the biggest thing I take from the leaks is that just like the Dark Imperium release these simple data sheets are just meant to allow the contents included to battle themselves.

The rules remind me a LOT of this

Which also leads me into the new thought too – this isn’t a replacement of the Dark Imperium.  There isn’t enough in the boxed set from the leaked bits to really showcase something that would be a new starter.  This is feeling like more of a Vigilus like release – but instead of repackaging existing kits and throwing in some new characters they decided to throw us a bone and dump a whole slew of new stuff into our greedy little hands.  This most likely means most of the other Daemonic Engine showcase images were not from this set – they were from a whole slew of new stuff for Chaos.

Of course with this being a basic – double box starter the price will probably be closer to the $150-160 we have seen for the other options.  Split it with a friend and get two cheaper getting started sets and call it a day.  That is what I am doing with a buddy of mine who is somehow buying Marines and complaining there are no new Admech rules from FW stuff.  But who cares about Admech right?  Hehe – a lot of you and hopefully rules come out.

Hello new hotness!

Anyway – let’s look at the gist of the basic Chaos rules that have showed up.  You may want to bring up the revealed CSM datasheets and follow along.

Basic Chaos Marines

Will start with the kinda meh side of things with the basic Chaos Space Marines.  The Power level has dropped by 1 for the 10 of them as the CSM book has 5 for 5 PL.  Most likely this means the point drop on the regular CSM will show up with most likely 12 points being their cost.  They currently sit at 13 and we all know no one takes them.  Overall they look the same which makes me kinda sad.  I don’t know what to do with them to make the unit viable – beyond some crazy legion rules or aura overlapping abilities.  I have heard thru some chatter the Cultist increase was due to something else coming down the pipeline.  I give this unit a wait and see and most likely see this guys used as conversions for other more interesting things.


Next up is the odd Venomcrawler.  First of all I love the model as I am always a big fan of Daemonic Engines, Dark Mechanicus stuff, and conversion fodder models.  This unit seems interesting in that it feels fairly cheap and depending on how many attacks it has (leak doesn’t show) it could be a nice bruiser model.  It moves fairly quickly and since it has a ton of legs I bet it has something like 8 attacks?  Will have to see when it finally comes out but it comes with a way to heal itself and maybe a decent amount of close combat attacks and we could have a winner.  Or again – it will at least give me a ton of stuff to work with for whatever Daemon prince conversion I have in mind during the year.



Next up we have the Obliterators.  Now this model had the biggest shift of rules from old to new.  It gets stronger, more wounds, and more attacks.  If Chaos Space Marines keep the double shoot strat in the new book they could be getting then this guy might git real gud.  Current Oblits are sitting at 65 points a piece and there is no way this guy is at the same level.  I am guessing they should be sitting around 80-90 points a piece.  The power level listed is hard to really figure out points because as I said earlier – these initial Power Levels are more used to balance the armies in the boxed set and not for matched play.  I still like the idea of these guys with more shots, better survivability, and the whole Daemonic thing they seem to be pushing for anything Chaos related.  Plus they got better in close combat so you don’t want to get mixed in with them.  It makes me think the rumored new Mutilators are going to be nutty too with some crazy close combat attacks to throw into the blender mix.

Master of Possession

After that let me talk about the Master of Possession.  I was hoping we would see rules for the named Character but this guy isn’t too bad.  He looks about the cost of a Sorcerer without having the Sorcerer name.  Sure he doesn’t gain access to the Dark Hereticus powers – but he does gain Malefic (hmmmm…).  We don’t have any idea what it is does beyond just the old rules we had back in the day.  I am guessing it is all about boosting Daemons and Daemonic Engines.  My Lord of Skulls is slowly cackling behind me as he remembers the good ole days of early 8th edition, double moving, and killing things in life and in death.  He does seem fine as an HQ and will probably show up in the normal Chaos Space Marine + Daemon combo armies we see.  Heck if we can make him Death Guard (please please please) then we could have some very interesting Daemon Engine armies.

Greater Possessed

Finally we get to my favorite new model coming out – the Greater Possessed.  This is the unit that really has me thinking of army builds.  This is a small “aura character” that doesn’t take up an HQ slot.  As it is an Elite choice it makes the ability for Chaos to have an effective Brigade better – especially if there is something powerful coming for Cultists.  This model stays an infantry character which is interesting.  I have been experimenting with a lot more Rhino rush armies for  Chaos and having a nice hard hitting character to hide in a Rhino or two is helpful.  Plus giving a +1 to strength to all those Legion Daemon units could be very good.  If we have more of them to use.  Or you can make them into Death Guard.  Which means you can combo with Heralds of Nurgle to give things a +2 to strength.  Very interesting indeed.  Plus I think the model looks really good.

Just the Beginning?

Overall I have a wait and see kind of feeling with this guys. While everyone seems to want more from the leaks – I know from past releases these are just simplified rules.  Mixed in with examples of different things from the Daemonic Engine leaks and you know this is not the only things we get for the enemies of Mankind.  I really just want Chaos to be more then what we see right now.  I don’t want it to be just combos for Characters and other smash options and instead a real army.  Will see what comes in the next campaign book.  Really I just hope we see new rules for Abaddon and not just a copy and paste from the old rules.  Give us a true Warmaster who is always a bit to whiney.

~What do you think of the new CSM units?

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